Difference between OCS and OCPD in Kenya


OCPD in Kenya is in charge of the Division or the County Commander in- charge of that County, to the Internal Affairs Unit at Jogoo House ‘A’, Ground floor or to the Deputy Inspector General Kenya Police Service, K.P.S Headquarters. The salary of OCPD is Ksh 74,000 to Ksh 120,000 per month.

Officer Commanding Station (OCS) is in charge of a Police Station in a Ward and oversees all its Police Posts and Patrol Bases (Ward Commander).OCS earns a salary of Ksh70,000 to Ksh 120,000 in Kenya.

Core functions of OCS and OCPD in Kenya

 Provision of assistance to the public when in need;

 Maintenance of law and order;

 Preservation of peace;

 Protection of life and property;

 Investigation of crimes;

 Collection of criminal intelligence;

 Prevention and detection of crime;

 Apprehension of offenders;

 Enforcement of all laws and regulations with which it is charged; and

 Performance of any other duties that may be prescribed by the Inspector-General under the N.P.S Act or any other written law from time to time