Amount of Money you can make from Blogging in Kenya


Upcoming bloggers would want at least something to motivate them in regards to viability of blogging. The amount of money one can make as a blogger in Kenya depends on a blog’s traffic and source of revenue. Majority of bloggers in Kenya monetize their sites through AdSense but the most experienced ones diversify their sources of revenue.

Blogging is an extremely lucrative venture. However, it needs patience and determination. While one can earn as little as Ksh1,000 per month, there are bloggers who make in excess of Ksh 1 million each month—example

 I am also the owner of Venas News and Fixujobs, I own other websites which are popular among online audience. The major reason I launched this blog( is to educate other bloggers, especially the upcoming ones on various ways to make money online, the best hosting services and a host of other blogging aspects that might be uncommon to them. The blogging journey has so far been successful but not smooth as many may perceive.

One month income for Venas News from MGID

Before I reveal how much a blogger can make in Kenya, I would like to reveal some of the earnings I have made before. We monetize through MGID, Sponsored articles, affiliate marketing and banner advertisements.

Venas News is one of the leading blogs in Kenya with over 3 million page views per month. Our monthly income is modest —it’s what most bloggers dream to earn. Below is a summary of some of our previous earnings. Initially, we were monetizing through AdSense but later dropped the platform for other AdSense alternatives.

Venas News Lowest income from Betway Kenya for one month

Away from that, there are blogs which make more than what we rake in, example is Ghafla which pulls in over Ksh1 million every single month. Some of the seasoned bloggers like Robert Alai earn in excess of Ksh300,000.

If you are planning to use AdSense, below is the estimated amount of money you can earn from your blog—the earnings heavily rely on traffic.

0-10,000 0-2,000
10,000-20,000 200-5,000
20,000-50,000 1,000-20,000
50,000-100,000 5,000-50,000
100,000-200,000 20,000-70,000
200,000-500,000 30,000-150,000
500,000-1million 50,000-250,000
Above 1 million Over 150,000

Most bloggers break even when their blogs start getting over 1 million visitors per month. However, the most profitable blogs are those employing affiliate model. Some of them review gadgets, their traffic is not reasonably high but they earn a decent living. In affiliate marketing, a blog can get 3 page views per day but one of the visitors purchase a product of Ksh 1 million thus yielding Ksh 100,000 in commission for the blog owner. For those dependent on AdSense, traffic is paramount—the more traffic they get the higher the revenue.

When you launch a new blog in Kenya it takes up to 1 year for it to get better ranking. It might take one not less than 6 months to withdraw their first income from AdSense. The sad thing is that if you aren’t a gifted blogger, you’ll not make more than Ksh30,000 per month, which explains why majority of bloggers easily give up on blogging for other ventures. Statistics show that 90% of bloggers in Kenya earn less than Ksh50,000 per month, it’s only 5% who make over Ksh100,000.

Obvious, blogging is not the best venture for extroverts but a wonderful activity for jobless Kenyans. It’s a solace for educated youths who are yet to secure meaningful jobs. But one thing I would emphasize on is the ability to generate fresh content more often. Blogging require that you come up with unique content that will resonate well with your readers. Summarily, blogging is a profitable activity that require little resources to venture in. Opportunities are plenty because it’s a free space—no regulations.


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