Is a degree in Statistics marketable in Kenya?


A degree in Statistics is very marketable in Kenya, it’s even more marketable than a degree in Actuarial Science. The good thing about this degree is that it can be applied in all sectors of economy.

With just a degree in Statistics, you will secure employment as a graduate trainee or entry level jobs in any sector. But for you to get a job quickly, you have to score Second Upper or first class. With at least Second Upper, you will get several interviews for Management Trainee position.

Now that jobs are few, you should do something in order to stand out. Getting a degree is not enough. If your interest is in Financial Sector, pursue CFA professional course. You will easily get a job at CMA, NSE, Stock brokers, or other financial institutions in the country.CFA is the most marketable course for Finance professionals.

Alternatively, register for CIFA course at KASNEB.

If your interest is working with NGO, make sure you are proficient in Statistical packages like R, Stata, Statistica,SPSS and GIS.You should also be excellent in data Mining, Big Data and developing statistical models. In addition, pursue M&E course and if possible enroll for a Masters course in Statistics

With a degree in Statistics, you can also become an Actuary. You simply need to register for Actuarial Professional courses which are offered by UK or USA bodies such as SOA.

Statisticians also work as accountants, especially those with CPA qualification. There are those who join audit firms as auditors.

As a statistician, you are the one to define your path—there are many opportunities in Kenya. Imagine even hospitals employ statisticians. Those with Biostatistics qualification work in hospitals and health research firms.

In order to be safe, ensure you have a Masters degree and one professional course. You should also work extremely hard to get Second Upper in college.

The starting salary of a Statistician in Kenya is Ksh 80,000.With at least 5 years of experience, you will earn more than Ksh 150,000 per month.

If you pursue a PhD,you will become a lecturer or a senior manager in one of the NGOs in Kenya.