20 Highest Paying Careers in South Africa 2023


South Africa has a wide range of careers which are lucrative and on demand at the same time. These careers are worth studying and working hard for because they pay quite handsomely, here are some of them;

  1. Mining and Petroleum Management

The companies in these sector pay well, especially to professionals. The managers in this career field and industry earn up to 10 million Rand per annum.

  • Actuaries

This field is among the best paying in South Africa, with an expert or professional earning up to 6.5million Rand in a year.

  • Oil and Gas Producer

This energy sector has several companies paying handsomely, up to 3million Rand in a year for the qualified professionals.

  • Chief Executive Officer

The chief executive officer is responsible for managing and overseeing that a company/firm is operating accordingly. He/she is the main manager, and they earn up to 1 million in a year.

  • Lawyer

One of the best careers for a long time now and it also pays well. A lawyer’s work range from interpreting laws to representing firms/companies/organization and so much more. An experienced lawyer earns 1million rand and above in a year. There are different types of lawyers, one has to choose the field they are comfortable with and pursue it.

  • Geologist

In this field a degree, masters and Ph.D. is especially necessary to secure the best position. A professional in this field receives at least 700,000 Rand annually.

  •  Medical Doctor

This sector always has demand and it is also lucrative, there are never enough doctors to fill this field. It is advisable to specialize in a particular branch/area i.e. pediatrician, neurosurgeon etc. A doctor earns up to 700,000 rand annually.

  • Judge

This is among the secure jobs one can get with quite a high salary, however, the job market for judges is not big enough but the demand for it is always there. A judge earns up to 600,000 rand annually.

  • Civil Engineer

In this field one works for long hours, however, the salary is lucrative. There are many career options for civil engineers to apply in different industries. The professional senior workers get paid up to 650,000 rand in a year.

  1. Plant Manager

The work a plant manager does, is to oversee and ensure all the processes, procedures are followed, from production to manufacturing and all the policies are also applied. The plant manager earns up to 650,000 rand annually.

  1. Investment Banker

They earn up to 560,000 rand in a year. They provide analytical expertise, financial services, industry knowledge and good communication skills to help clients understand and solve their problems.

  1. Financial Manager

They give advice and come up with strategies and ideas of an organization to make it run smoothly. They also perform data analysis, profit maximizing and help senior managers. They earn 544,000 rand annually.

  1. Chartered Accountant

The chartered accountant salary in a year is 500,000 rand. This is an international accounting designation granted for professionals in South Africa, some of their roles include, auditing, assurance, financial accounting and reporting etc.  

  1. Cyber Security Engineer

The professionals in this field solve problems, i.e. identifying threats and vulnerabilities in the systems and coming up with solutions, to prevent malware, hacking, insider threats, just to mention a few. They earn up to 490,000 rand in a year.

  1. IT Manager

The IT manager’s work is to maintain systems remotely and on site, working with data systems and administrators. They earn 488,000 rand annually.

  1. Pharmacist

The pharmacists work is to ensure they administer the right medicine to sick individuals. A professional pharmacist earns up to 480,000 rand in a year,

  1. Biomedical Engineer

The work of biomedical engineers is to create better medical equipment and machines to treat sick individuals. They annually earn up to 450,000 rand.

  1. Data Science

They are part mathematicians and part computer scientists, they help in solving complex problems. Data analysts earn 440,000 rand annually. 

  1. Management Consultant

They assists businesses, companies/firms in maximizing their growth, creating value and solving issues emerging currently and in the future. They earn 411,000 rand in a year.

  • Land Surveyor

Their work is to assist individuals including the government in updating land boundaries and prepare sites for construction, they annually earn up to 400,000 rand.