Highest Paying Jobs for Students in USA


Even if you are a student, you can secure a job and get paid. Below is a list of the best paying careers for students in USA:

  1. Driver

They earn an average salary of $1500 a month. When working as a driver you should make sure, you are under independent contractor agreement responsible for taking riders from their pick up location to their destination.

  1. Library assistant

They earn up to $13.24 per hour they assist in managing the library.

  1. Barista

The average they earn per hour is $11.59. They are responsible for making drinks, taking requests and welcoming guests/customers among other duties.

  1. Bartender

They are responsible for serving drinks to customers and interacting with them. They earn an average of 11.74 dollars an hour.

  1. Resident Advisor

They are responsible for overseeing activities in dormitories and ensuring everything runs smoothly. They earn an average 13.24 dollars in an hour.

  1. Teller

They earn an average of $13.47 an hour. They work in banks responsible for cash and check transactions e.g. withdrawals, transfer etc.

  1. Transcriptionist/Transcriber

They earn up to $13.73 per hour, they listen to recorded files and type them down.

  1. Blogger

They earn up to $15.23 per hour, they build and write contents on blogs. They also are responsible for carrying out research, editing and proof reading, uploading content to the blog.

  1. Dog Walker

Besides them walking the dog, they are also responsible for keeping them safe, providing food and water and bathing them. They earn up to 15 dollars an hour.

  1. Virtual Assistant

They earn 15dollars and above in an hour, they work remotely by receiving calls, responding to messages/emails etc.

  1. Research Assistant

They earn up to 17 dollars in an hour. They work in universities, labs and many other institutions.

  1. Baby sitter

They take care of baby’s part time when their parents are away. They earn an average of 16 dollars and above per hour.

  1. Brand Ambassador

They are responsible of marketing and promoting a brand to increase its awareness and also collecting customer’s feedback, they also attend the launches for the brand etc. They earn up to 17 dollars an hour.

  1. Bookkeeper

They earn up to 18 dollars an hour. They are in charge of basic accounting practices for different establishments.

  1. Fitness Instructor

They earn up to 23 dollars in an hour. They provide physical training to clients and help them achieve their fitness goals.

  1. Freelance Writer

They earn up to 24 dollars in an hour. They are responsible for creating contents for readers both digital and print mediums.

  1. App Tester

They earn up to 35 dollars hourly. They perform and run tests on software applications to ensure they function properly.

  1. Campus Representative

They earn 11 dollars an hour. Their work is to create awareness about the firm/company/organization they work for on a college/campus by creating flyers, organizing events etc.

  1. Tutor

They earn up to 21 dollars hourly. They teach and assist students with their course work beside their school hours.

  1. Massage Therapist

They earn up to 40 dollars an hour. They work in massage parlour and spas.