What is the average amount of money required for shopping in Nairobi per month?


The amount of money required for shopping in Nairobi per month depend on your salary, number of people living in your house and estate you live. Generally, you will spend Ksh 8,000 to Ksh 30,000 per month on shopping for one month in Nairobi. Cooking oil, cooking flour, tissue, sugar, milk and bread will consume the highest amount of money.

Here is a breakdown of the amounts to spend depending on family members:

1 person—Ksh 8,000

2 people in the house—Ksh 10,000

3 people in the house—Ksh 12,000

5 people in the house—Ksh15,000

10 people in the house –Ksh30, 000

If your salary is Ksh 20,000,you will even spend less than Ksh 8,000 on shopping because rent will consume Ksh 6,000.Those earning Ksh 50,000 to Ksh100,000 per month will spend Ksh 8,000 to Ksh 15,000 on shopping while those earning Ksh 100,000 and above will spend up to Ksh30,000.

Tissue alone will consume Ksh1,500 per month, you will spend Ksh2,000 on cooking oil,Ksh 500 on sugar,Ksh1,000 on cooking flour, Ksh 1,500 on milk and the rest will go for other essential products.

Nairobi is a very expensive city. You can’t survive with a salary of less than Ksh10,000 unless you have another source of income. The best salary you need for you to live comfortably is Ksh 100,000 and above.

To live in a good estate,you must be prepared to pay rent of Ksh40,000 and above per month. Estates like Kilimani will charge you Ksh 50,000 and above.