200 Highest Paying Companies in USA


Which are the highest paying companies in USA?Below is the list of top 200 highest paying companies in USA :

The companies listed below consider their employees by paying them well on a yearly basis, despite the position one holds.

  1. Verizon: the average salary is 122,000 USD. It is a wireless telecommunications company
  2. Comcast: the average salary is 123,000 USD annually. It is a media and a cable giant company.
  3. Blizzard Entertainment: the average salary is 123,000 USD. It is a video developer company.
  4. Pegasystems: the average salary is 126,000 USD annually. It is a marketing and a customer service company.
  5. Dynatrace: the average salary is 136,000 USD annually. This company deals with tracking of software for other companies.
  6. Golden Hippo Media: the average salary is 131,000 USD annually. It deals with marketing.
  7. Workfront: the average salary is 133,000USD. They offer cloud based management for software.
  8. Paypal: the average salary is 137,000 USD. Thy are an online payment provider.
  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: this is in the education sector. Number one when it comes to hiring and paying well.
  10. Houston Methodist: this is in the health care and social industries located in Texas. It is also one of the best employers.
  11. Mayo Clinic: it is situated in Minnesota under the health care and social industry.
  12. Google: it is situated in California and it deals with IT, internet, software and services. If offers average salary of 161,000USD annually.
  13. American Express: it is under the banking and financial industry situated in New York.
  14. Ally Financial: it is situated in Michigan, deals with banking and financial services industry.
  15. NASA: it is under the defence and aerospace industry located in District of Columbia.
  16. Nationwide Children’s Hospital: it is under the healthcare and social industry situated in Ohio.
  17. Michelin Group: it is under the automotive industry situated in South Carolina.
  18. Apple: it is located in California known for producing quality laptops, phones, watches and other accessories. It is under the Technology industry.
  19. Sony: this company is known for electronics, hardware and equipment, semiconductors etc.
  20. Lockheed Martin: it is under the aerospace and defenses industry situated in Maryland.
  21. Brunswick: it is under the engineering, manufacturing industry located in Illinois.
  22. HII: it is under the aerospace and defense industry located in Virginia.
  23. Emory Health care: situated in Georgia under the Health care and social industry.
  24. Live Nation Entertainment: it is under the travel and leisure industry situated in California.
  25. Baker Do nelson: This company is among the best in USA paying its employees an annual salary of USD 319,000 (shareholders). It is one of the largest national law firms in USA known for its performance. It also has more than 600 employees, this includes the attorneys and lawyers.
  26. Watchtell, Lipton, Rozen & Katz: This is one of the leading law firms in USA both in performance and paying big salaries compared to other law firms. It has employed hundreds of workers and has stayed in business for a long time.
  27. Com: The employees here receive an annual salary of USD 249,000 for senior Executives.This is as consultation Company known for helping out in marketing, sales etc.
  28. Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe: in this company an associate earns an annual salary USD 249,200. This law firm has been in the business for a long time and also is best known for its performance.
  29. Bingham McCutchen: This is a law firm with associates earning USD 233,800 annually. It is among the list of companies paying well
  30. Devon energy: An engineer in this company earns 187,800 USD annually.
  31. Alston &Bird: this is a law firm with associates, attorneys and lawyers. The associates earn 188,000 USD yearly.
  32. Perkins Cole: A law firm. Associates earn 183,000 USD yearly.
  33. Arnold & Porter: one of the law firms, here associates earn 171,000 USD yearly.
  34. EOG Resources: engineers earn 171,900 USD annually. This company engages in the exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil and natural gas.
  35. Brocade communications Systems: the software engineers earn 170,100 annually. This company offers infrastructure software and semiconductor for data center, networking, software, broadband, wireless, storage, and industrial markets.
  36. Adobe Systems: here the software developers and the senior computer scientists earn 150,700 USD annually.
  37. Genentech: the clinical specialists earn 150,000 USD annually. It is a biotechnology company dedicated to pursuing ground-breaking science to discover and develop medicines for people with serious and life-threatening diseases.
  38. Boston Controlling Group: this is a consultation company with its employees receiving an annual salary of 139,900 USD.
  39. Cisco: the engineers of this company earn 135,800 USD on yearly basis.
  40. NetApp: member technical staff and software earn 133,000 USD yearly.
  41. Colgate-Palmolive: the managers of this company earn 131,000 USD annually.
  42. Chesapeake energy: tool pushers earn 129,000 annually.
  43. MITRE: the information system managers, engineers and leads earn 125,000 USD annually.
  44. Scripps Health: the managing director earns 124,000 USD yearly.
  45. DPR Construction: the superintendents earn 123,000 USD yearly.
  46. Goldman Sachs Group: the associates, analysts, programme analysts and professionals in this company earn 122,000 USD annually.
  47. Winchester Hospital: in this hospital a nurse earns 120,000 USD yearly.
  48. Microsoft: they design and deal with software, technology etc. The engineers earn 121,000 annually.
  49. Intel: a component design engineer earns 119,000 USD annually.
  50. Robert W Baird and Co.: a financial analyst in this company earns 117,700 annually.
  51. McCormick & Company: the finance department of this company earns 115,000 USD yearly.
  52. Publix Super Markets: store managers of this company earn113,000 in a year.
  53. C Johnson & Son: the senior research assistants earns 113,400 USD yearly.
  54. Johnson Financial Group: the commercial relationship managers earn 112,800 USD annually.
  55. Atlantic Health: the managers earn 112,060 USD annually. They offer health services.
  56. DreamWorks Animation SKG: the employees especially the software engineers earn 110,000 USD annually.
  57. Booz Allen Hamilton: this is a law firm. Associates earn 109,670aUSD annually.
  58. PCL Construction Enterprise: the superintendents earn 109,000 USD annually.
  59. Gilbane: the project managers of this company earn 109,000 USD in a year.
  60. Lifebridge Heal: the employees especially the pharmacists earn 108,500 USD in a year.
  61. Novo Nordisk: the diabetes sales in the field earn 107,500 USD annually.
  62. Mercedes Benz USA: the automotive technical specialist earn 106,700 USD in a year.
  63. Qualcomm: the senior engineers of this company earn 105,600 USD annually.
  64. Ernst & Young: the managers in this company earn 105,525 USD yearly.
  65. Ohio Health: the yearly salary of a nurse managers is 103,400 USD.
  66. Nuggets Market: the employees especially the store director earns 101,900 USD on yearly basis.
  67. American Express; the manager finance earns 101,360 every year.
  68. Shared Technologies: a mere sales representative earns 100,350 USD yearly.
  69. Monsanto: the research and the development department earns 100,146 USD annually.
  70. Methodist Hospital System: the managers and nurses earn 96,200 in a year.
  71. American Fidelity: the sales person in this company earns 95,980 USD annually.
  72. Assurance Co. : those commission/ sales representatives earn 95,975 annually.
  73. USSA: the software engineers of this company earn 95,040 annually.
  74. Baptist Health South Florida: the assistants managers and patients carers earn 94,680 annually.
  75. Price Water House coopers: The managers in this company earn 93,000 USD in a year.
  76. Meridian Health: nurses and managers assistants earn 91,800 USD annually.
  77. Southern Ohio Medical Centre: nurse managers earn 91,005 USD in a year.
  78. FactSet Research Systems: the software engineers earn 86,800 USD in a year.
  79. Recreational Equipment: the retail store managers earn 85,500 USD annually.
  80. Deloitte: the senior consultants earn 84,500 USD.
  81. NuStar Energy: in this company a terminal manager earns 84,300 USD annually.
  82. Fujifim Holdings America; this company deals with Technology, hardware and equipment, technology etc. It is located in New York city.
  83. Duke University Health System: it is located in North Carolina under the healthcare and social industry.
  84. Wegmans Food Markets: it is situated in New York city. It deals with wholesale and retail.
  85. Vanguard: it is located in Pennsylvania under the banking and finance sector.
  86. Capital One: it is under the banking and finance sector located in Virginia.
  87. Edward Jones: it is located in Missouri under the banking and finance sector.
  88. Charles Schwab: it is situated in California. They offer banking and financial services.
  89. Amgen: located IN California and it deals with drugs and Biotechnology.
  90. Marriott International: it is a company for leisure and travelling situated in Maryland.
  91. BMW Group: this is an automotive company that also deals with suppliers. It is located in New Jersey.
  92. Old Dominion Freight Line: deals with transportation and logistics, situated in North Carolina.
  93. Legacy Health: it is located in Oregon and this. company deals with healthcare and social industry
  94. Washington University in saint Louis: this institution is situated in Missouri and it is under the education sector.
  95. Top Golf: it is under the travel and leisure industry located in Texas.
  96. Boeing: this company is under the aerospace and defense industry situated in Illinois.
  97. IKEA: it is located in Pennsylvania and it is under the wholesale and retail industry.
  98. ALDI: this company is under the wholesale and retail industry and it is based in Illinois.
  99. Hyatt Hotels: it is under the travel and leisure industry based in Illinois.
  100. Roche Holding: this company deals with Biotechnology and drugs and it is situated in Indiana.
  101. UNC Health Care: it is located in North Carolina and it is also under the industry of health care and social services
  102. BOSCH: it is a company based in Michigan under the engineering and manufacturing industry.
  103. Purdue University: it is a learning institution located in Indiana under the education industry.
  104. Johns Hopkins University: it is a learning institution located in Maryland under education industry.
  105. BJC Health Care: it is situated in Missouri. BCJ is under the social and health care industry.
  106. Mass General Brigham: it is located in Massachusetts and it deals with healthcare hence under the industry of social and healthcare.
  107. L Gore & Associates; this company is in Delaware and it deals with manufacturing and engineering.
  108. Legacy Health: it is located in Oregon under health care and social industry.
  109. South West Airlines: this company is under transport and logistics situated in Texas.
  110. Dell Technologies: situated in Texas, deals with engineering, technology and equipment etc.
  111. Hallmark Cards: it is situated in Missouri and ot is under the packaged goods industry.
  112. QuikTrip: it is situated in Oklahoma and this company is under the retail and wholesale industry.
  113. Scholastic: based in New York and it under the media and advertising industry.
  114. Protector Gamble: under the package goods industry situated in Ohio.
  115. 3M: situated in Minnesota under the packaged goods industry.
  116. Humana: situated in Kentucky under the insurance industry.
  117. Paychex: deals with business services and supply located in New York
  118. Cummins: it is under the engineering and manufacturing industry located in Indiana.
  119. Baycare: it is located in Florida under the healthcare an social industry.
  120. Merck & Co.: located in New Jersey, deals with drugs an biotechnology.
  121. Caterpillar: it is situated in Illinois under the engineering and manufacturing industry.
  122. Alaska Airlines: it is under the transportation and logistics industry based in Washington.
  123. Blue cross and Blue shield of Michigan: it is under the insurance industry.
  124. Aya Healthcare: situated in California under the healthcare and social industry.
  125. Northwestern Mutual : deals with insurance.
  126. Kettering health Network: situated in Ohio under the healthcare industry.
  127. Consolidated Edison: situated in New York and it is under the utility industry
  128. US department of transportation: offers government services and it is situated in the district of Columbia
  129. University of Alabama Birmingham; situated in Alabama under the education industry
  130. DTE Energy: location is Michigan and it is under the utilities industry.
  131. UC Health: situated in Colorado under the healthcare industry.
  132. Raytheon Technologies; it is under the aerospace and defense industry situated in Massachusetts
  133. Credit Karma: it is situated in Oakland and the average salary is 144,000 USD in a year. It deals with personal finance, software and financial technology.
  134. META: the average salary is 127,000 USD annually. It is under the social media industry.
  135. VMware: the average annual salary is 100,000 USD. It is under the cloud computing industry.
  136. Palo Alto Networks; it is under the industry of cloud computing and the average salary in this company is 124,000 USD annually.
  137. Alphabet: this companco is under the internet content and information industry. The average salary is 123,000USD annually.
  138. Medallia: the average salary is 122,000 USD annually. It is situated in San Francisco under the industry of cloud computing.
  139. Uipath: situated in New York. The average salary is 113,000USD annually. It is under the software infrastructure industry.
  140. Zoom Video: situated in San Jose, the average salary is 102,000 USD annually. It is under the Telecom services industry.
  141. Starbucks Coffee: the average salary is 44,500USD yearly. The common jobs offered in this company is store manager.
  142. Nordstrom: the common job offered is sales and sales department manager. The annual salary is 50,500 USD.
  143. Scooter Store: common jobs offered here is mobility consultant which pays 53,000 USD annually.
  144. Umpqua Bank: common job here is store manager and he/she is paid 56,000 USD.
  145. Aflac: the common job offered here is supervisor and operations manager. Annual salary is 62,000USD.
  146. Plante & Moran: the audit staff are usually on demand in this company. They annually earn 65,500 USD.
  147. Kings Daughters Medical Center: common job in this company is the case manager, they earn 65,700USD annually.
  148. FedEX: the common job in this company is the operations manager who earn 74,000 USD annually.
  149. GoDaddy: the average salary is 93,000USD annually, it specialises in E-commerce, media industry. It is also known for the superbowl ads.
  150. Experian: The average salary is 94,000 annually. It is under the Consumer Credit Reporting industry.
  151. SmartSheet: it is situated in Bellevue and the average salary is 95,000 USD annually. It is also under the Software Application industry.
  152. Tenable: it is located in Columbia under the industry of Cyber Security. The average salary is 96,000 USD yearly.
  153. Peloton: they pay an average salary of 101,00 USD on a yearly basis. It is under the leisure industry.
  154. The coca cola: the average salary is 137,000 USD annually. They produce soda beverages.
  155. Amazon: it is an ecommerce retailer and cloud technology provider. The average salary is 90,000 annually.
  156. com: the median pay is 139,000 USD annually . Job listing site for people to look for work.
  157. Visa: the average salary is 139,300USD annually. It is a financial services company.
  158. Axon: the average median salary is 140,000 USD annually. This company offers taser weapons for law enforcement.
  159. Wells Fargo: the average median income is 140,000USD annually. This company offers financial services.
  160. Red bull: the average annual salary is 143,000 USD annually. Produces energy drinks.
  161. Nike: 142,000 USD is the average salary. This company produces sports shoes and apparel.
  162. Zynga: this company is as game developer. An average median income is 144,500 USD.
  163. NVIDIA: 143,143USD is the average income. This company makes motherboard chip-sets, graphic processing units and game consoles.
  164. LinkedIn: the average median income is 144 300USD. It is a professional networking site.
  165. Zillow: 147,701USD is the average salary. It is an online real estate market place.
  166. LogMeIn: the average salary is 147,000 USD. This company offers cloud based remote connectivity software.
  167. Hubspot: they offer an average income of 148,000USD. They offer cloud based marketing software.
  168. T-Mobile: this is a Telecommunications company. They offer an average  annual  income of 148,000USD.
  169. Bloomberg: it is a data, software and media company offering an average annual salary of 149,209 USD.
  170. Accenture: it is a global management consulting company. They offer an average income of 150,000USD annually.
  171. Netflix: it is a video streaming service company. The average salary is 152,202USD annually.
  172. Microsoft: it is a software maker, PCs and video games consoles. Average median income is 152,208USD.
  173. Chevron: they offer average Income of 149,294USD annually. It’s an oil and energy company.
  174. Kaiser permanente: they offer an average annual income of 119,000USD. It is a national health care provider.
  175. Home Depot: their average salary is 125,000 USD. It is a home improver retailer.
  176. TriSearch: it is a full talent acquisition firm based in Denver Colorado. The average median salary is 90,000USD annually.
  177. Shelli Herman &Associates inc: it is a law firm providing legal services and advice. They are among the firms known to pay their workers a good salary.
  178. b2 Talent Solutions: it is a recruiting research and executive search firm.
  179. Vaco: it is a global talent solutions and business consulting firm, serving businesses and individuals.
  180. SEBA; it is a quality metal trading firm headquartered in Houston.
  181. Pearson Partners: it is ranked as top 40searcb firms in USA. The average salary is 71,000USD annually.
  182. Park Avenue Group: it is known fro staffing and recruiting services. The average median income is 90,550 USD annually..
  183. Tesla: it deals with automotive and energy computing. The average median income is 160,000USD annually.
  184. Qualcomm: this company is known for designing and manufacturing semi conductors and wireless telecommunications products. The average salary is 100,000 USD annually.
  185. Samsung: this company is among the famous with their designs and electronic applications in technology the median income is 100,000USD annually.
  186. Hp: manufacturers software and computer services. The average median income is 90,000 USd annually.
  187. Xerox corporation: they provide document management technology e.g printers, photocopying machines etc. The median income is 74,000 USD.
  188. EMCF: they sell and provide financial and banking services to other companies and individuals. Average income is 101,324 USD annually.
  189. NCR Corporation: they provide software, hardware services for bank retailers and restaurants. Average income is 78,555 USD yearly.
  190. Stanford GSB: this is under 5he education industry known for providing entrepreneurial education. The aver income is 74,231 USD annually.
  191. Ward Group: it is an executive search and organisation consulting firm. The average annual income is 112,000USD.
  192. Gables Search Group: it is currently among the top recruiting firms in USA. The average median income is 88,000 USD annually.
  193. Nevro: it is a medical service company. The average median income is 142,000 USD annually.
  194. Rayboy Insider Search: this company specialises iin cyber security, data storage and data centre infrastructure markets.
  195. Gilead Sciences: this is a pharmaceutical company that discovers, innovates and commercializes innovative medicines. The average income is 119,,432 USD annually.
  196. Twitter: it is an online social media and networking service. The average salary is 125,892 USD annually.
  197. Dell Inc.: an average income in this company is 97,000 USD annually.
  198. Juniper Networks: 77,987 USD is the annual salary. This company markets networking products.
  199. Airbnb: the average median income is 55,000 USD annually.
  200. Slack Technologies; it is a software company and technology. The average salary in this company is 79,879 USD annually.