List of International schools in Uganda


Below is the full list of international schools in Uganda

  • 7 Hills International School; A non-profit, parent-founded international secondary school, 7 Hills International School encourages young minds to express themselves, think critically, solve issues, and love what they are learning through practical learning.
  • Acacia International School; The Middle States Association and the Association of Christian Schools International both accredit Acacia. The Ugandan Ministry of Education has granted Acacia full authorization and registration as a Cambridge International School. 31 different countries are represented among the students at Acacia.  When kids first enrol in our youngest class, “K3,” they must be three years old by the first of September of that school year.  Each year, in June, our eldest students—those in “Grade 12,” who are 17 years old almost 18—graduate from Acacia. June 2019 saw the first of our graduation ceremonies.
  • Galaxy international school Uganda; International School Galaxy Uganda is a private primary, middle, and high school that focuses on preparing students for the dynamic nature of both the present and the future global environment. It uses the British curriculum to teach its students.
  • Heritage international school; Heritage International School is committed to giving each student the opportunity to reach their full potential for a life of faith and service while fostering a supportive Christian atmosphere. They use the American based curriculum
  • KinderKare International school;
  • Ecole Française Les Grands Lacs; Heritage International School is committed to giving each student the opportunity to reach their full potential for a life of faith and service while fostering a supportive Christian atmosphere. The school uses the French based curriculum.
  • Boston international school; they make an effort to foster a supportive learning atmosphere. The students genuinely love and enjoy learning. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate.
  • Oak International school; Children at Oak International School are energetic and driven to realise their unlimited potential. Every choice they make is centred on the children, ensuring that they are content, self-assured, and that the options offered to them are appropriate for their needs both now and in the future. They make sure that kids may cultivate a love of learning and curiosity through our stimulating Cambridge curriculum, which will assist them to create high aspirations and lifelong memories. In order to ensure that every kid succeeds and realises their full potential, they think it is important to provide them with a well-rounded education that allows for the identification and development of their unique abilities.
  • Quality international school; They are a local, inexpensive school offering inclusive international education for students in the EYFS, primary, lower secondary, high school, and A-levels offering 18-year-old students British National Curriculum international education.
  • Acorns international school; Acorns International School (AIS) Uganda is a 25-year-old organisation that has carved out a niche for itself by offering to Uganda exceptional, top-notch international educational standards at a reasonable price. It has been an exciting journey from The Acorns School to Acorns International School (AIS). In 1996, AIS opened as a preschool in Nakasero. Today, it is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Continuum World School, located on a vast 5-acre campus that was purpose-built to foster the full and balanced development of every child, whether they are 18 months old or 18 years old.
  • Kabojja International School; this is a private institution co-educational offering British Curriculum otherwise known as IGCSE and GCE.
  • Kampala Community International Primary School; they have the best international learning methods, teaching practices and the resources needed in and out of the classroom. This school also develops the child’s abilities and confidence.
  • Delhi Public School International; this international school has both the modern and future looking, but also remaining with the values on which it was established. It is a private, coeducational school.
  • Orel Vine International Academy; this is an international Christian based school with affordable educational services, that is the Cambridge international education at the primary and pre-school levels.
  • Aga Khan High School; this school was founded in 1959 in the ancient Kampala. It was the only multicultural school in Uganda back then. This school has been able to maintain and significantly continued to play the unique role in the country of Uganda in terms of education.
  • Vienna college Namugongo; this school uses the British Curriculum of Cambridge international Extermination Syllabus. It is a private coeducational institution and a home to over 400 students. It is one of the major campuses in Uganda.
  • Ambrosoli International School; this is a unique school in Uganda, all of their students have access to exceptional academic opportunities and they also have a stellar reputation  for their feeling family in their vibrant, diverse community may find something to enjoy at their fascinating welcoming school. They have 270 ids that come from more than 40 different nations, they also encourage kids to set high goals for their education because they know they are capable of anything. Their teaching encourages children to think critically, ask questions, make errors and learn from them.
  • Rainbow international School Uganda; this is a coeducational institution that offers primary and secondary education in Kampala Uganda. Their teaching is made to inspire every child to meet their educational goals.
  • Quality international School; this school is known for nurturing talents, curiosity, creativity and awareness happening in the world today. This is done through inspiring, broad and engaging curriculum. They also have an outstanding reputation in what they offer generally. It was initially opened in 2013 and has become popular since then.
  • Kampala Diplomatic International School; their mission as a school is to prepare and mould our children into tomorrow’s innovative and enterprising game from an early age as one of the few foreign schools in Uganda. In fact, they frequently emphasise both academic subjects and foreign languages like French, Arabic and German. Moreover in order to assist the children grow up with solid and unbreakable moral principles, they provide the options of Christian, Islamic and other religious studies as an integral element of the school curriculum.
  • Umoja International French School; the community to the individual. Umoja international French School is a conscious of the value of education, and they make sure that all students have access to a fair, inclusive and high-quality education. As a result it supports sustainable development the foundation of society in education.
  • British School of Kampala; the British School of Kampala was established in response to the growing need to provide every child with the comprehensive, balanced and pertinent education that is legally theirs as well as supportive environment and self-esteem. Their goal is to establish a setting that makes learning pleasurable and natural. At the British School of Kampala, they also cultivate the attitudes that result in joyful, sociable, considerate and caring kids who can play, work and live alongside other kids and adults creating a sense of community and dedication at the class, school and neighbourhood levels. They modify the British National Curriculum for the Ugandan context before implementing it.
  • Kings International School; The Cambridge system is the foundation of the curriculum of Kings International School. By fusing it with the principles, it creates a setting where kids may develop their individuality, be inspired by it, and find their voice. This curriculum’s goal is to help a kid develop into a confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged young person.
  • Kampala International School of Uganda; this school is situated in the Butoko district of Kampala, Uganda. It was previously known as the Kabira International School of Uganda.
  • International School of Uganda; Uganda’s capital city of Kampala is home to the International School of Uganda. It accepts pupils from 3 to 19. The institution opened its doors in 1967. The 33-acre campus is situated on the outskirts of Kampala, roughly 5 kilometers from Lake Victoria.

  The students are prepared at ISU for entry into American, British, or other international schools or universities. More than 4,500 schools worldwide use one or more of the International Baccalaureate Programs, which offers transportability for students of international families. The curriculum is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program, Diploma (16- to 19-year-old students), Middle Years (11- to 16-year-old students), and Primary Years (3- to 11-year-old students.