NSSF Uganda Graduate Trainee Recruitment Requirements, Salaries


NSSF Uganda advertises jobs annually. Graduate Trainee is a position that attract highest number of applicants. To get this position, you have to be a fresh graduate from the University with at least Second Class Upper Division. Your age should be 20-25 years.

Those who score first class and at least possess a professional course are given first priority.


  1. A CGPA of atleast 4.0 at the time of graduation.
  2. A Bachelor’s in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering.
  3. Completion of the undergraduate program less than two years ago.
  4. Ugandan citizen.
  5. Aged 20- 25 years and below at the time of application.

Salary of Graduate Trainee at NSSF Uganda

The starting salary of a Graduate Trainee is UGX4,000 to UGX 600,000 per month. After training, the pay is increased to between UG 600,000 and UGX 900,000 per month.

Salary increment is done regularly such that within 5 years,one is earning over UGX 1.5 million.