Is Bachelor of Arts Marketable in Kenya


I have heard many people say that Bachelor of Arts is not marketable in Kenya, that you will be jobless forever if you pursue this course. One thing they won’t tell you is that nowadays no university course will automatically guarantee you a job.

The most popular BA subjects include English Literature, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Language studies. All these courses are marketable.

If you decide to purse BA Arts and specialize in Economics, supplement the course with a professional course. The best professional courses are:

  1. CPA
  2. CFA
  3. CIFA
  4. ACCA

In case you pursue CFA and successfully complete the program, you will easily get a job in Kenya.

CPA, CIFA and ACCA will also land you a job in an audit firm, research firms, banks, insurance company or government institutions. Many companies also recruit graduate trainees. If you score first class or second class upper, you will also secure employment.

Psychology is also another marketable course in Kenya. Once you graduate from the university, become a motivational speaker, register your own consultancy firm where you do guidance and counselling. You can also pursue Masters and PhD and become a lecturer.

Language studies is also another specialization. Pursue foreign languages like French, Italian and Chinese. Then add PE and Music. You will land a well-paying job at an international school where you earn over Ksh 200,000 per month.

Nowadays recruiters focus mainly on your skills and competence. There are remote jobs online which need your skills. So, don’t worry that you will be jobless after graduation. If you are competent enough, look for jobs online or start a side hustle online.

In the world of today nobody should sit pretty thinking that they will automatically get a job after college. The competition is stiff and jobs are few. All you need is to be highly aggressive and do whatever that brings food on the table. You may pursue BA Arts but end up being an Auditor. Immediately, after graduation think of what to do. You can create a YouTube channel and start posting videos, you can become a blogger or do academic writing. Remotasks is also offering high paying jobs to Kenyans. They pay up to Ksh 30,000 per day.

Going to the university is not for getting knowledge alone, it’s also about creating networks. Interact with other students, some of them are highly connected. After graduation, they might be of great help.