List of Web hosting companies in Somalia


Somalia has several top web hosting companies which you can register with and have your website hosted. You also have the option of hosting your site outside Somalia.

As you know, there is no way you will run a website without it being hosted by a reliable hosting company. For small and new websites, host your site in one of the hosting companies which are registered within Somalia.

Here is a list of the hosting companies in Somalia:

  • Bluehost

Bluehost is the best website hosting company to host your site in Somalia.You will pay as little as $2.65 per month. You are also allowed to purchase a domain name from the company.

To start hosting your website, follow this link

  • Cloudways

The second best web hosting company in Somalia is Cloudways.This one allows you to host for one month or per hour. It’s upon you to choose the best package. To register with Cloudways, follow this link

Website link:

  • KVC Hosting

KVC Hosting is registered in Somalia to host local and international websites. The price of hosting is as low as $1.89 per month. Every client has an option of purchasing a domain name at KVC.

KVC website link:

  • Webscreations

Webscreations is a popular hosting company for medium and small websites. Any website with 0-300,000 page views per month would comfortably be hosted by Webscreations.

It takes less than ten minutes to register a domain name through the company. Web hosting services range between $50 and $200 per year.

Website link:

  • Allaction Host Somalia

Website link:

  • Ileys Inc

Hosting packages and pricing

Personal–$7.50 per month

Professional–$8.50 per month

Business–$9.99 per month

Website link:

  • Dalkom Somalia

Website link:

  • Gateway ICT Solutions

Website link:

Hosting plans and pricing

Startup–$1.85 per month

Classic–$3 per month

High Level–$5.10 per month

  • Rightway Gate

Website link:

I will propose that you host with Bluehost which is a credible web hosting company that currently hosts over 2.1 million websites. Never do guesswork when hosting a website.Create a free account here


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