Demand for domain names related to coronavirus shocks website hosting companies


As reality hits the world that coronavirus is here to stay, the demand for domain names related to the virus has shocked website hosting companies. Bloggers are registering domain names with coronavirus prefixes which will rank higher in search engines.

A staff at a US hosting company was overheard saying, “we have never witnessed such a high number of domain names being bought for a single keyword. It seems every blogger is thinking in the line of health and coronavirus”

Currently, the most trending keyword is coronavirus and any blogger who will rank high in search engines will take the trophy. Over the past three weeks, a total of 12,120 domain names related to coronavirus have been sold.

Scientists and health practitioners predict that the virus might be around for sometime, probably up to late 2011.With this reality sinking in, bloggers will capitalize on organic traffic originating from targeted keywords to make money. At the moment, any blogger planning to increase their revenue should target coronavirus keywords.

If you’re a blogger, this is the best time to create a blog for coronavirus updates. Alternatively, you can create one for the health niche.


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