Cost of Bulk SMS in Kenya


Bulk SMS costs range between Ksh 0.4 and Ksh 1 per SMS based on the volume of SMS a client purchases. The more SMS a client buys the cheaper the cost.

Every Bulk SMS Company in Kenya has set its pricing for SMS depending on the number of SMS a client orders. Based on the volumes, clients who purchase more than 500,000 SMS usually pay an average of Ksh 0.4 per SMS.Clients purchasing below 50,000 SMS pay Ksh 0.8 to Ksh1 per SMS.Those buying SMS between 100,000 and 500,000 pay 0.5 and 0.8 per SMS.

Sometimes, pricing depends on agreement between the service provider and a client. There are clients who stick with the company for long—loyal customers, such clients pay as little as Ksh 0.3 per SMS as long as they buy more than 500,000 SMS regularly.

Bulk SMS companies act like agents for telecom companies. Safaricom and Airtel are the main providers of bulk SMS. They (bulk SMS companies) buy SMS in millions which they sell to their clients. The companies must earn a profit, which is why they can’t set the price below Ksh 0.3 per SMS.

Here is the amount some of the bulk SMS companies in Kenya charge:

  • Celcom Africa Ltd

The cost of units depends on the amount you order with prices ranging from KSH. 0.4 to 0.8 .

  • Movetech

Safaricom—Ksh0.65 per SMS

Airtel—Ksh0.85 per SMS

Orange—Ksh0.65 per SMS

  • Uwazii Mobile

Local Bulk SMS Pricing

Recharge Amount Price per SMS Price per SMS Price per SMS
KSh. 1 – 12,500 Ksh 0.75 USD 0.0072 EUR 0.0066
KSh. 12,501 – 25,000 Ksh 0.70 USD 0.0067 EUR 0.0061
KSh. 25,001 – 50,000 Ksh 0.65 USD 0.0063 EUR 0.0057
KSh. 50,001 – 100,000 Ksh 0.60 USD 0.0058 EUR 0.0053
KSh. 100,001 – 175,000 Ksh 0.50 USD 0.0048 EUR 0.0044
  • Africa’s Talking
Basic Plan
KES 0 – 19,999
Plus Plan
KES 20,000 – 99,999
Premium Plan
KES 100,000 – 399,999
Max Plan
KES 400,000+
Safaricom KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6 KES 0.4
Airtel Kenya (Local Traffic) KES 0.8 KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6
Airtel Kenya (International Traffic)* USD 0.056
Other Kenyan Telcos KES 0.8 KES 0.8 KES 0.7 KES 0.6
International Markets View price list

Some companies charge set up costs and monthly maintenance costs. Set up costs are normal but monthly maintenance fee should not be included. Before you pay for bulk SMS remember to ask whether they charge monthly maintenance fee. Don’t accept to pay monthly maintenance fee—choose a company without monthly maintenance fee.

Another thing, even if the company has fixed SMS rates, try to negotiate. The rates displayed on the website are on the higher side.