Most Profitable Niche for Indian Bloggers


Before you become a full time blogger, make sure that the niche you pick is profitable. In India, there are a couple of profitable niches recommended for new and established bloggers. There are several niches which attract the highest number of visitors but are not profitable. Some niches attract as low as 100,000 visitors per month but yield more than $5,000.

 Before choosing a profitable niche, make sure that your hosting company is stable and is able to sustain high amount of traffic. We suggest that you select Bluehost because it’s the one most Indian bloggers are using to host. To learn more about Bluehost,click on this link

The hosting site will sustain massive amount of traffic that will give you time to concentrate on growing your site.

Here are the most profitable niches for bloggers in India:

  • Health and Fitness

If you are monetizing with AdSense, Health and Fitness will be the best niche to mind of.Each click will yield between $0.5 and $300 based on the type of a country your visitors are from.If your traffic is from USA,UK,Germany,Australia,EAE and most countries in EUROPE,your blog will generate a lot of money.

  • Mortgage & Banking

Another niche you should consider is Mortgage&Banking.This one does not attract as many traffic as niches like entertainment, but it’s among the best when it comes to AdSense revenues. One click related to mortgage will yield $1 to $150.Even if your monthly traffic will be 100,000, you’ll be able to make more than $2,000 every month.

The good thing is that you’ll get direct advertisements because only a few bloggers specialize in this type of content.

  • Web hosting

Web hosting is a very profitable niche in India, it earns some bloggers up to $2 million per year. As a blogger, you can choose to monetize through AdSense or join the many available affiliate marketing programs. One of the most popular affiliate programs in India is Bluehost,click here to register

If you prefer AdSense, you’ll earn at least $0.5 per click.

Web hosting is boring for bloggers who are not enthusiastic about blogging but an excellent activity for gifted bloggers.

  • Blogging and Making Money Online

Blogging is another profitable niche you should venture on especially if you possess significant experience in making money online.

Some of the best topics to advise on include: how to make money online, web hosting, affiliate marketing, email marketing and how to get traffic for your blog.

You will earn money through AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, direct banners and selling products like SEO tools.

  • E-commerce

Companies like Amazon are offering bloggers a chance to make money through their associate program. Mobile phones, laptops and televisions are some of the products to sell in India.E-commerce industry is huge, which is why more than 30% of bloggers in India blog about products in this industry.

Even AdSense pays handsomely in regard to e-commerce content.

The best thing about e-commerce is that there is huge traffic for bloggers, it’s also relevant throughout the year.

  • Education

Everybody in India values education. One thing I like most about this niche is that there are thousands of advertisers even the direct ones.

The income for education niche is not as low as for entertainment niche. The CPC for this niche range between $0.05 to $5. With 1 million monthly page views, you’ll earn at least $1,000.

If your content is of high quality, you’ll attract universities and colleges to advertise on your blog.

  • Real Estate

For high CPC, launch a blog that covers real estate products. The blog should also have a section for advertising real estate products. Over time, you’ll get companies to advertise on your blog and earn a decent income.

AdSense is also good for real estate traffic. There is no single click that will attract less than $0.05.

  • Travel

If you love travelling, create a blog for the same. You should also create a YouTube channel for uploading videos from your travelling experience.

Companies would like to pay you to review their products so as to attract as many clients as possible.

Affiliate marketing like are the best for travelling traffic. You can earn up to $1,000 per customer referred to those sites.

  • Beauty and fashion

You should also think of beauty and fashion if you are a female blogger. This niche is particularly profitable for female bloggers who sell their beauty products online or are capable of marketing such products from companies like Amazon.


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