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Skyhost is among the best web hosting companies in Kenya. It offers free web hosting services, domain registration, web hosting services, web design services, SSL certificate as well as SEO services. Anything you need about web hosting is available at Skyhost.Reviews rank it among top 5 best web hosting companies in Kenya.

  • Domain registration

When you want to own a website, the first thing to do is to register a domain name. Skyhost offers domain registration services cheaply.The most common domain extensions,.org and .com.The cost of domain name per year is Ksh 850.Registration of .com domain name costs Ksh 1,000 per year.To register one,click on this link to visit Skyhost website

Below is the table showing domain registration and renewal prices:

co.keKSH 850
$ 8.5
KSH 850
$ 8.5
KSH 1,580
$ 15.80
keKSH 4,000
$ 40.00
$ 50.00
ac.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80
or.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80
info.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80
mobi.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80
go.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80
sc.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80
me.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80
ne.keKSH 1,000
$ 10.00
$ 15.80

You can also buy and sell your domain name or transfer your domain name from another hosting company to Skyhost.To transfer your domain name,click on this link and visit Skyhost website,select domains and then transfer domain. The following window will appear:

The authorization code will be obtained from your current web hosting company—just request for it and it will be provided.

  • Web hosting

Web hosting is something that every company and blogger in Kenya needs. Cost, reliability and good customer care is what makes a company good.Skyhost offers free web hosting services, shared hosting,VPS hosting, Reseller hosting,Windows hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

Key features

  1. Free SSL Certificate
  2. Free migrations
  3. 24/7 phone support
  4. 99.99% uptime guarantee

Shared web hosting

Shared Web hosting is for small and medium websites. There are three main plans for this package:

Bronze which costs Ksh 2,499 per year and comes with 2GB RAM,30GB Cloud Storage,350 GB Bandwidth per month, Free SSL Certificate,24/7 phone support and free migration. Silver plan which costs Ksh 5,499 per year.The package comes with 4GB RAM,50GB Cloud storage and 500 GB Bandwidth per month. The last plan is Platnum which can sustain up to 100,000 monthly visitors. The plan costs Ksh10,499 per year and contains 4GB RAM,100GB Cloud Storage and 1TB Bandwidth per month. To buy one of these plans,follow this link and visit Skyhost website

  • Business Web Hosting

Business web hosting is ideal for small, medium and high traffic business. The cost of hosting under this package ranges between Ksh 999 and Ksh 9,999 per month. There are 4 plans under this package.

Bronze Business Hosting is the cheapest plan, it costs Ksh999 per month and comes with 40 GB disk space and 400 GB monthly bandwidth. It hosts up to 2 domains. Silver Business Hosting is another plan under Business Hosting, it costs Ksh 1,999 per month. Under the plan, you’ll get 60GB disk space, and 600GB monthly bandwidth. You are allowed to host up to 5 domains.Next is Platnum Business Hosting which costs Ksh 4,999 per month.This is ideal for businesses with up to 20 domains. For this amount, you’ll get 10GB disk space and 1200GB bandwidth per month. The last one is Gold Business Hosting that will cost you Ksh 9,999 per month. High traffic websites are the ones hosted by this plan. Bloggers with more than 20 clients will also be hosted by the plan.The disk space and bandwidth are limited.

All these plans benefit from free SSL and free migrations. To start hosting your website here,click on this link

  • VPS Cloud Servers

VPS hosting is ideal for medium and high traffic websites.Cost of hosting at Skyhost ranges between Ksh 1,200 and Ksh49,875 per month.If you have a site that gets over 10,000 daily visitors,move it to Skyhost.To migrate your site,visit Skyhost through this link

Below are charges for VPS Cloud Hosting at Skyhost:

1 V.Core 2.4 GHZ512 MB10 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 1,200 
1 V.Core 2.4 GHZ7 GB20 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 2,925 
1 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS)7 GB20 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 3,375 
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ2 GB40 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 8,250 
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS)2 GB40 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 8,925 
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ4 GB80 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 13,425 
2 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS)4 GB80 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 14,775 
3 V.Core6 GB120 GB1 TB20 MinsKsh. 25,200 
8 V.Core16 GB500 GB5 TB20 MinsKsh. 27,150 
4 V.Core 2.4 GHZ8 GB160 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 27,225 
4 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS)8 GB160 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 29,475 
6 V.Core 2.4 GHZ16 GB320 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 44,925 
6 V.Core 2.4 GHZ (Windows OS)16 GB320 GBUnlimited20 MinsKsh. 49,875 
  • Windows Web Hosting

Another popular package is the Windows Web Hosting which costs Ksh 999 to Ksh 5100 per year. There are two main plans under Windows.Bronze plan which costs Ksh 999 per year. It comes with 2GB disk space, Unmetered monthly bandwidth and free SSL certificate. All websites are migrated to this plan for free. Silver plan is more advanced and it costs Ksh 5,100 per year. Customers get 5GB Disk Space and 50 GB monthly bandwidth. As usual, there is free SSL certificate and migration of sites to this plan. To sign up for the hosting plans,use this free link

  • Business Email hosting

There are companies which receive and send bulk emails.Email hosting is the best if you have customized accounts. For any business, having a customized email is the best thing to do because it makes your business look credible. Skyhost offers three plans ,Silver hosting which costs Ksh100 per month,Bronze hosting for Ksh200 per month and Gold hosting for Ksh300 per month.To host your emails at Skyhost,click here to visit the company’s website

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting is for agencies and high traffic websites. When a site starts getting over 500,000 visitors per month, the owner is advised to migrate to dedicated server.These servers can handle millions of visitors per month.If you have been having problems with shared and VPS servers,it’s time to upgrade to Dedicated Server Hosting.Skyhost charges Ksh 37,500 to Ksh 120,000 per month depending on the website’s demands.To get your site hosted here,click on this link and visit Skyhost website

Below are the hosting charges for each server at Skyhost:

3.1 GHZ 4 Cores8 GB500 GB (SSD)Unlimited24 HrsKsh. 30,000Ksh. 37,500
3.7 GHZ15 GB400 GB (HDD)3 TB24 HrsKsh. 30,000Ksh. 60,000
3.7 GHZ 8 Cores32 GB512 GB (SSD)Unlimited24 HrsKsh. 30,000Ksh. 75,000
3.5 GHZ 12 Cores200 GB2 TB (HDD)Unlimited24 HrsKsh. 30,000Ksh. 107,500
3.1 GHZ64 GB1000 GB (HDD)Unlimited24 HrsKsh. 30,000Ksh. 120,000
  • WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is solely for WordPress sites only.Skyhost will provide enough resources and manage the technical aspect of your WordPress site.The company’s hosting plans cost Ksh 2,100 to Ksh 14,100 per year.There are 4 main plans under this package.Basic is the cheapest plan,it costs Ksh 2,100 per year.Under this plan,the website owner gets 30 GB disk space and 300 monthly bandwidth.Standard plan is the second cheapest plan under WordPress Hosting and it costs Ksh 4,100 per year.You’ll get 40 GB disk space and 400 GB monthly bandwidth.The third one is Silver plan which costs Ksh 7,100 per year,it comes with 50 GB disk space and 500 monthly bandwidth.The last one is Gold plan that costs Ksh14,100 per year.This one is suitable for sites which receive over 100,000 visitors per month.Gold plan comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.To get hosting space under this package,visit Skyhost website via this link

  • Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is ideal for individuals with clients they wish to host.Web design companies are known for buying Reseller packages. But even individuals with many websites can buy this type of hosting.The cost of hosting at Reseller Hosting package goes for Ksh 4,000 to Ksh 10,000 per month.There are three main plans, Startup reseller hosting costing Ksh 4,000 per month, Entrepreneur Reseller Hosting for Ksh 6,000 and Co-operate Reseller Hosting for Ksh 10,000 per month. To get this type of hosting,learn more through this link

  • SSL Certificate

If you want to secure your site, use SSL certificate. Skyhost sells different types of SSL Certificates. The prices depend on the number of domains one wants to secure and the level of security they wish to get.

Here are the prices of the SSL certificates:

  1. RapidSSL—Kh2,500 per year
  2. RapidSSL Wildcard—Ksh17,000 per year
  3. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium—Ksh8,500 per year
  4. GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium Wildcard—Ksh30,000 per year
  5. GeoTrust True BusinessID—Ksh10,000 per year
  6. GeoTrust True Business ID with EV—Ksh17,900 per year
  7. GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard—Ksh43,000 per year
  8. Symantec Secure Site—Ksh32,900 per year
  9. Symantec Secure Site Pro—Ksh79,900 per year
  10. Symantec Secure Site EV—Ksh79,900 per year
  11. Symantec Secure Site Pro EV—Ksh119,900 per year

To get your SSL certificate,visit Skyhost via this link

  • Web Design

After registering your domain and buying hosting plan, you can’t do anything until you create a website. Skyhost will create a website for you cheaply. Even ecommerce websites can be done by the company. Their prices start from as low as ksh10,000. To engage them for web design services,click on this link

  • Skyhost Kenya contacts

If you wish to contact Skyhost, you can chat with them through the website, Facebook or Twitter accounts or use the following contacts;

3rd Floor, Milele Center
Namanga Road
Opposite Equity Bank


  • Advantages of hosting with Skyhost

Free SSL Certificate

Excellent customer support

Free migrations of websites

Cheap hosting services

It hosts small,medium and high traffic websites

Easy payment methods—MPESA included

  • Disadvantages of Skyhost

No free domains


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