How much traffic can dedicated server handle


Dedicated Server is meant for high traffic websites. The maximum traffic dedicated server can handle per day is 30,000 visitors. The total page views per day being 100,000. Each hosting company has its own packages for dedicated server customers. The amount of resources allocated to a site depend on one’s budget.

If your traffic exceed 100,000 per day, you may be forced to make arrangement for agency hosting.In this case,you need sites like Kinsta which handle heavy traffic.Kinsta can handle in excess of 1 million users per day.It’s a Managed WordPress hosting company. For those with heavy traffic sites,try Kinsta,click here to learn more about Kinsta

Kinsta hosting packages start from as low as $30 per month. They even have agency package for websites getting over 3 million monthly visitors.

The best Dedicated Servers are found at Bluehost. Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting prices range between $79.99 and $119.99 per month.

Bluehost Dedicated Servers can handle more than 20,000 visitors per day. For those struggling to get good hosting for your blog, try Bluehost and you won’t regret. The company is also best known for offering the best Shared and VPS hosting services. Also available are WordPress hosting services. To know more about these packages,follow this link to visit Bluehost