5 Free Tools for Editing and Optimizing Content



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Most people are switching to online work nowadays. Working from home has facilitated many people like the student community in earning a handsome amount. among different kinds of online work, content creation is the most famous.

Content can be crate on different topics and different platforms. Students make academic content on educational platforms while professional writers have different niches such as electronics, pets, and softwares to write on.

What is content optimization?

After creating any kind of content it is necessary to optimize it. Content optimization is the process by which we can make our content visible to a large audience. Optimized content can gain a high ranking on search engines by grabbing large search volumes.

Free tools that you can use for content

There are many of software on the internet by which you can make edits to your content. These tools help to add value to our content. With these tools, you can make your sentence structure better, eliminate grammar mistakes, paraphrase your material, and remove plagiarism.


Paraphrasingtool.ai stands out due to its exceptional AI-powered capabilities. It is known for its robust versatile paraphrasing. The platform showcases eight distinctive modes: Free Rewriter, Text Improver, Near Human, Plagiarism Remover, Creative, Academic, Quill Text, and Sentence Rephraser. Each mode perfectly caters to diverse writing needs.

The tool is also budget-friendly. With modes like Free Rewriter, Text Improver, and Near Human available at no cost, it becomes an invaluable tool for writers conscious of expenses.

Beyond paraphrasing, Paraphrasingtool.ai boasts an integrated set of tools designed to enhance the quality of content. These built-in features, like the plagiarism checker, text summarizer, AI editor, and web browser empower users to refine and polish their work to perfection. 

This fusion of rich features and intuitive design makes it an essential tool for students, digital creators, and writers alike.

Features of Paraphrasingtool.ai:

  • It boasts eight distinct paraphrasing modes for varied content needs.
  • Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth user experience.
  • Multilingual support broadens its appeal to a global audience.
  • It supports audio and image paraphrasing. 
  • There is a web browser feature for hassle-free rephrasing.
  1. Paraphraser.io

This tool is used to remove grammar mistakes from the content.it is a bundled tool that can help in rewriting articles and generating citations of different styles. If you have written a large text you can concise it by its text summarizing tool.

You can use this tool easily. Just input your text on the given slot or upload the file whose grammar you want to check. Click on the check grammar option and you will get your results.

This tool is based on contemporary AI technology through which you can identify punctuation mistakes along with minute grammar errors. This accurate tool helps in the removal of spelling mistakes from the text.

Features of Paraphraser.io

  • It is a free tool.
  • This tool is sensitive to every kind of grammar mistake.
  • You can make citations with this tool.
  • Its algorithm is based on contemporary AI technology.
  1. Prepostseo.com
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Prepostseo.com is a famous tool among students and professional writers. There are different types of tools by which you can solve your problems.it has a wide range of writing and educational tools such as a grammar checker, backlinks generator, paraphrasing tool, etc.

Professional writers and website makers can use its website management tools. These tools help to check website domain authority, link checker, malware detection, etc.

SEO checker is its best tool. With this tool, you can identify the keywords of your topic. These keywords help to make content optimized and gain high search volumes. It also gives suggestions by which you can add these keywords to appropriate places in your text.

Features of Prepostseo.com

  • It facilitates us with more than 95 free tools.
  • Through this tool, you can make your content SEO optimized.
  • It is a very handy tool having a friendly interface.
  • It is multilingual in functioning.
  1. Paraphrasing-tool.com

This rephraser is a very simple tool that can add value to your everyday content and assignments. During rephrasing, this tool adds important and linked keywords to the text that helps to rank on search engines.

To use this tool you have to copy your text on the input option. After hat hot on paraphrase now option. You will get your paraphrased material in which you can make edits.

This tool is also important and famous because paraphrasing does not disturb the originality of the content. Sentence structure gets better and it looks like a manual paraphrasing.

Features of Paraphrasing-tool.com

  • It does not cost you a single penny.
  • For rewording, it uses a modern thesaurus.
  • It adds creativity to content making it optimized.
  • You can enjoy a 10000 character count limit in one check.
  1. Seobility.net
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Seobility.net is a professional tool mostly used by website makers to check the website ranking and content. You can check your website reach and authority with this tool.

You can get the facilitates of bundles of features. The best feature that can help in making content optimization is its SEO audit. Through this audit, you can check on the technical and on-page SEO errors of your website content.

Along with, these you can check for the page structure, broken links of the content, and content quality. Through its keyword suggestion, you can paraphrase your content for better and enhanced quality.

Features of Seobility.net

  • You can check 1000 web pages through it for free.
  • It provides a free SEO audit of the website.
  • Gives a detailed review of content in terms of keywords.
  • It gives alerts through emails.
  1. Spinner Chief 6
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Spinner Chief 6 is an online paraphrasing tool. This tool uses artificial intelligence technology to rewrite a text. With these tools, you can make your content clear.it replaces all complex words with the most relevant and easy synonym that making it readable for a big count of readers.

It does not exaggerate your content. The sentence structure remains original but enhanced. It working is as natural as by a human being.

It is based on two modes. In the automatic mode, the tool paraphrases the content by itself. While in the second mode of sentence swap you can rephrase your text manually. You can convert your text into a primary and readable form through the free version.

Features of Spinner Chief 6

  • It is supportive of 20 languages.
  • It has both free and paid versions.
  • It paraphrases humanly.
  • It is secure to use and does not cause plagiarism.


Content proofreading is very important for making it SEO optimized. The reader today wants detailed information on every topic. With the detailed optimization of content is also important.

To make a content optimization it is important to review it according to the SEO rules. The more content is according to modern SEO the more it will be high in the ranking.

Above are the five free and best tools that can help in the editing of content with optimization. In a nutshell, the internet is the biggest source of tools by which you can create worthy content.