Why C and D materials are more successful than A materials


It’s not something uncommon for a C or D material to employ an A material. The D material is generally more successful than A material in a normal society. While in high school, the A material will read hard to pass exams and when he finally makes it, he proceeds to the university to study a good degree course. The C or D material becomes the laughing stock in the community because everyone believes his future is doomed.

As the A material enrolls for a degree course, the D material enrolls for a degree of life, he looks for anything to do in order to survive and pass time, to avoid being bored. He goes to construction sites, gets odd jobs and saves money. Within a year, he has saved Ksh50, 000 which he uses to buy a bodaboda.The D material starts bodaboda business. He aggressively pursues his dream of making it in life and within a year, he has saved enough to buy another bodaboda.He now has two bodabodas.Since he can’t operate both, he decides to employ one person.

He does the business for 1 more year, goes to a Sacco and takes a loan to buy a matatu.Within three years, he has two bodaboda and one matatu.

The D material does the transport business for 2 more years, repays the loans and adds two more matatus.By the time the A material is graduating, the D material owns a successful matatu business.

The A material comes out here to look for employment, he secures a job as a Paid Intern.He does the job for 6 months and the contracts expires. He starts to look for a stablejobs, he drops CVs in Nairobi for several months but in vain. He finally decides to move to the village and apply jobs from there.

While in the village, he meets the D material, the D material now owns a successful transport business company. They chat for 10 minutes and exchange phone numbers.

The company grows even bigger and the D material decides to employ a Manager. Since the A material is a degree holder, he applies to be considered for the job. The D material knows him well, he (the A material) was a disciplined student while in high school. He decides to employ him.

The A material’s only hope was to secure employment, he was not taught basic survival skills after college. The D material, out of desperation decides to do anything that’s available and eventually succeeds.

It’s because of this scenario that D materials are more successful than A materials. Generally, A materials are book smart but not street smart while the D material is street smart and not book smart. In a normal society they complement each other but eventually the trophy goes to the D material.