Pan Africa Christian University Admission Requirements, Courses and contacts


Here are the courses offered at Pan Africa Christian University, Admission requirements and contacts

Admission Requirements

Postgraduate Programs

  • PhD Programs: A relevant Master’s Degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (or its equivalent) from a recognized learning institution
  • Master’s Degree Programs: A relevant Bachelor’s Degree with at least a second-class honors, upper-division (or its equivalent) from a recognized learning institution
  • Postgraduate Diploma: A first Degree in any field from a recognized learning institution

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • KCSE Mean Grade of C+ (plus) or its equivalent
  • Relevant Diploma from a recognized learning institution

Diploma Programs

  • KCSE Mean Grade of C- (minus) or its equivalent
  • Be a Certificate holder from a recognized learning institution

Certificate Programs

KCSE Mean Grade of D (plain) or its equivalent

Application procedure

An applicant may call us on 0730955555/073095500 or email us at requesting details about their preferred program.

Application Form: Click here 
Online Application: Click here 

PS: All applications must be submitted to the University duly filled, accompanied by all the requirements stated therein. A non-refundable fee of Kshs 2,000 must be paid upon submission of an application.

The University is not obligated to return the application form and photocopies of the original documents if the applicant is not admitted, or wishes to withdraw his/her application. More so, the University is not under any obligation to retain an application if no correspondence has been received within a twelve-month period from the date of application.

Academic programs/courses

PhD Programs:

  1. PhD in Organizational Leadership
  2. PhD in Marriage & Family Therapy

Master’s Degree Programs:

  1. Master of Divinity 
  2. Master of Arts in Leadership 
  3. Master of Business Administration 
  4. Master of Arts in Biblical Theology 
  5. Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology
  6. Master of Arts Marriage & Family Therapy
  7. Master of Arts in Children & Youth Ministry 
  8. Master of Theology in Pentecostal & Charismatic Studies
  9. Master of Arts in Community Development & Social Protection

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  1. Bachelor of Theology
  2. Bachelor of Commerce
  3. Bachelor of Business Leadership
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology
  6. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
  8. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Transformational Church Leadership
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology & Security Leadership

Diploma Programs:

  1. Youth Ministry 
  2. Business Management 
  3. Counseling Psychology 
  4. Leadership & Management
  5. Entrepreneurship Development
  6. Criminology & Security Leadership 
  7. Transformational Church Leadership
  8. Information Communication Technology 
  9. Community Development & Social Work
  10. Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  11. Communication (Journalism & Media Studies)

Certificate Programs:

  1. Counselling Psychology
  2. Transformational Church Leadership
  3. Information Communication Technology
  4. Youth Development Program (for fresh form 4 leavers)




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