What you need to know before going to work in Middle East


Before going to work in Middle East, there are several important things you should know. In recent years, many Africans have been trooping to Middle East for employment simply because there are no employment opportunities in the mother countries, but after getting there, they get mistreated, others die in line of duty. It’s good to familiarize yourself with what you anticipate in the country you are going to work in.

Here are the most important things to know before accepting a job offer in the Middle East:

  • The agent taking you to Middle East

Do background check on the agent taking you to Middle East. Some are fake, they will tell you that you’re going to perform particular jobs and when you arrive there, the jobs offered are different. The agent must have good reputation and well connected with Middle East employers.

  • Religion and culture

You should familiarize yourself with religion and culture of the country you are going to be based. Dressing style and food are some of the things you should familiarize yourself with.

  • Salary and terms of payment

This one is important. The employer should specify the monthly salary you will be paid and terms of payment. You should know the dates you’ll be paid, the tax you’ll be paying and when are leave days. These terms should be clear in the contract before signing it.

  • The contact person in Middle East

In case you reach in Middle East and realize that things are not as expected, who will you contact? Make sure you know the contact person/people in the country you’re going to be based. That person should be available to help you when need be. Don’t go to Middle East blindly, you might get stranded.

  • Labour laws in that country

Labour laws are also very important. Learn about these laws and know whether they protect foreign workers. Some countries do not have strong labour laws, such countries should be avoided.

  • Study some Arabic words and language

Language barrier is one of the main causes of disagreement between employers and employees in Middle East. Before leaving to the country you’re assigned, try to learn some Arabic words to help you communicate with your employer.

  • Your health status

If you have terminal sickness, don’t attempt to go to Middle East. Most employers in Middle East prefer those with perfect health conditions. You should be physically fit and in perfect health.

  • Visa, transport and air travel costs

You may be willing to go to Middle East but you aren’t in a perfect financial position. Do some research, know how much money is required, save and start applying for jobs in Middle East. By saving in advance, you’ll be able to make the work of securing the job easier.

  • Requirements for jobs in Middle East

Learn about specific requirements for the jobs you’re applying for. Be informed whether the jobs are decent enough. You might apply for a job only to arrive there and be told to feed snakes and crocodiles daily.

  • Working hours

Some employers are very human, they will not let you rest. Before taking any job, ask about working hours, sign an agreement and deposit it with your agent. If they violate the agreement, they should terminate the job. You should clearly be told when to work and when to rest.

  • The specific country you’re going to be based

There are countries you should not step in, like Yemen and Syria where there is instability. Saudi Arabia is another country you should take as a last option. Qatar, Oman and UAE are among the best countries to look for jobs. Don’t go to countries where workers are mistreated.

  • Leave and holiday period

You should clearly know when your leave and holidays. You may want to visit your mother country and if you’re with a bad employer, you may not be allowed.