Highest paying jobs in Oman


Oman offers job opportunities for local and international citizens. Most of the jobs offered to international citizens don’t pay well but there are few which pay decent salaries. Some of the jobs pay up to OMR 10,000 per month. Students would want to know the highest paying jobs in Oman in order to pursue a well-paying job. Below is a list of highest paying careers in Oman.

  • Chief Executive Officers(CEO)

CEO’s of top companies in Oman earn as high as OMR 12,000 per month. The range of salary earned by CEOs is OMR 5,000 to OMR 12,000

To become a CEO in a reputable firm, you must possess a degree from a recognized university and several years of experience. A Masters degree in business related course is also important, MBA being the ideal one.

  • Chief Finance Officer

Chief Finance Officer(CFO) is slightly below the CEO,his monthly salary range between OMR 3,000 to OMR 7,000.The work of a CFO is to oversee the finances of an institution, they are important personally.

  • Medical Doctor

Medical Doctors and Surgeons are among the highest paid professionals. Their monthly salary range between OMR 3,000 and OMR 10,000.Doctors work for long hours and their work is very crucial to the health sector and the well-being of a country.

In Oman it takes more than 5 years for one to graduate as a Medical Doctor and the course is very costly.

  • Judges

Judges are also well remunerated because they possess a lot of responsibilities. A judge with more than 7 years of experience will earn more than MOR 3,000 per month. Senior Judges earn as high as OMR 9,000 monthly.

  • Lawyers

Lawyers represent clients for various cases, some are serious cases and others light ones. Lawyers can be hired by corporates where they are paid upwards of OMR 3,000.An experienced lawyer will be paid as high as OMR 6,500 per month to represent a client.

Lawyers are on high demand in Oman, which is why paying them the salary is justified.

  • Bank Managers

Another group of professionals earning decent salary are the bank managers. Small banks pay OMR 1,000 to OMR 5,000 per month while big banks pay from OMR 2000 to OMR 7,000 per month.

Bank managers are the custodians of people’s money, they have to be rewarded handsomely for them to perform their work diligently.

  • College Professors

Since college professors are important, they are the ones who produce professionals in every field, their salary is good. A professor earns OMR 1,500 to OMR 6,000 per month depending on the position they hold in the university. Some senior professors earn even OMR 8,000 per month.

  • Pilots

Another groups that enjoys heft pay are the pilots. With a licence and more than 2 years’ experience, a pilot earns at least OMR 3,000 per month. Pilots are paid depending on the hours they fly and the length of time they have worked for an institution. Those pilots who have worked more than 15 years make at least OMR 4,000 monthly.

  • Oil and Gas Engineers

Oil and Gas Engineering are some of the best paying careers in Oman. With an Engineering degree in oil and gas coupled with over 3 years of professional experience, you’ll earn OMR 2,000 to OMR 4,000. Per month. You will work in oil and gas companies

  • HR Director

HR Directors also play a key role in an organization. Their work is to ensure the right human resource is employed and also smooth running of an institution.

The monthly salary of HR Director in Oman ranges between OMR 1,400 to OMR 4,000 per month.

  • Marketing Director

Without the marketing department in organizations, it’s hard for companies to make sales. This is a crucial department in all organizations. The head of marketing department is the Marketing Director who pulls in over OMR 1,500 per month. Some companies pay as high as OMR 6,000 per month plus commissions.