11 hidden secrets you should know before becoming a blogger


Before becoming a blogger, there are 11 secrets you need to know that no blogger will tell you this. I have been a blogger for many years and throughout this period I have experienced a lot of issues that shaped me into becoming a successful blogger.

When starting a blog, you may think that the only thing you need is a website and hosting space, but there are actually several things that you need which nobody will mention to you.

Below are the hidden secrets you should know before starting your own blog:

  • Blogging is not a gold mine

When doing research online, you’ll notice many bloggers declaring their income and start to imagine that making money is easy. When you finally become one, you start wondering how exactly the rest made the millions they were declaring monthly. But the secret of making money is to diversify your sources and having good traffic. All this takes time. A successful blogger takes not less than 3 years to start realizing high income.

  • Blogging will turn you into an introvert

Nearly 99% of bloggers are introverts. There are some who started as extroverts but eventually ended up being alone in the room, it became a norm.

You can’t be an extrovert, a party animal, a drunkard and still succeed as a blogger. You must develop high level of discipline.

  • AdSense is not the only source of income and it’s not the best

Every new blogger believes that AdSense is the only source of income and the best one, but in the actual sense, there are other sources of income for bloggers which are even better than AdSense. You will be surprised that all successful bloggers don’t monetize with AdSense, most of them are using affiliate programs, selling their own products and also getting sponsored content.

As a blogger there is a stage you’ll reach that your blog will survive even without AdSense.

  • You need a Web Designer to help you from time to time

The blog needs someone who will be handling the technical aspect. You will wake up one day and realize that you can’t login to your blog yet you want to post something. Without someone standby to help you, you’ll be depressed.

  • Good hosting provider matters a lot

The most important thing in blogging is to identify a reliable hosting provider. Your website’s stability will depend on the type of hosting company you choose. If you have a viral blog, go for Managed Web hosting provider like Kinsta.If your website receives 20,000 to 1 million views per month, choose a company like Bluehost.

  • Blogging does not have a teacher

In blogging you are alone, nobody is there to teach you on what to write, nobody is there to motivate you. If you don’t have passion, you’ll not go far.

  • Always have a backup website

You should not depend on one website alone if at all you want to be a successful blogger. Create more than one website such that if one of them goes down, you can turn to the other one.

All the leading bloggers own more than 1 website.

  • Web hosting costs will consume most of your income

At the beginning, web hosting is cheap but you’ll realize that the more the blog grows the more the money you spend on hosting. It will reach a point you’ll spend almost a quarter of your income on hosting.

  • Content is king

No matter how beautiful your website is, if your content isn’t good, you’ll fail terribly. What matters in blogging is content.

You should post good content regularly in order to gain new readers and retain the current ones.

  • You MUST use a premium template

If you are using WordPress, a premium template is a MUST. Buy a light WordPress theme which is SEO friendly.

The free templates will miss some features and you will struggle to keep up with growth of other competing blogs.