How bloggers make money in South Africa


There are different ways bloggers in South Africa use to make money. Nowadays blogging is a lucrative venture, there are over 30,000 South African youths who do blogging as a full time job. The average monthly income of a blogger in South Africa is R7, 000.

Here is how bloggers earn money in South Africa:

  1. Through AdSense
  2. Through AdSense alternatives like MGID
  3. Through affiliate marketing
  4. Through sponsored posts
  5. Through Banner ads
  6. Selling products through their blogs
  7. They act as influencers
  8. Sell eBooks
  9. Buy and sell domains
  10. Offer Web Design services
  11. Offer web hosting services
  • Through AdSense

AdSense is the most popular monetization platform by South African bloggers. The platform allows one to make money even without having good traffic. With 100,000 views, AdSense will pay you upwards of R3000.If your blog gets 1 million views, you’ll make over R15000.

More than 90% of bloggers in South Africa monetize with AdSense.

AdSense alternatives like MGID

AdSense is not the only way bloggers make money from, there are several other alternatives.MGID is one of the most popular method they use.The income from MGID is almost the same as AdSense. Bloggers with Sports, entertainment, gossip and news blogs make the highest amount of money from MGID.The RPM for MGID is as good as that of AdSense.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is excellent for experienced bloggers who run niche blogs.Marketers earn through commissions. Betting sites, web hosting companies,SEO firms and e-commerce sites are some of the sectors that offer affiliate marketing opportunities.

One secret of making decent income with affiliate marketing is by running a niche blog.If you want to promote web hosting services, create a blog that covers stories about web hosting.

With 100,000 views per month, you’ll earn in excess of R10,000.

  • Through sponsored posts

When a blog becomes viral or authority in its area of specialization, marketers start posting sponsored posts on it.Sponsored posts only come when a blog is popular. Bloggers make R1000 to R10, 000 per article.

  • Direct banner ads

Some companies opt to place banner ads on bloggers’ sites in order to boost sales and reach. Direct banners are placed on blogs with huge number of views that can convert into sales.

A single banner can yield more than R10, 000.

  • Selling products through their blogs

Bloggers also use their platforms to sell products like smartphones, shoes, bedsheets, duvets, Televisions etc.

  • They act as influencers

Most bloggers have their own social media pages which they use to push products for other companies and get paid. As they post on their blogs, they also act as influencers on social media. They paid every time they advertise products for a company.

Bloggers also buy and sell domain names. Someone will buy a domain name for $10 today and sell the same for $1000 after one year. They also develop websites and sell to other bloggers.

There are generally many ways you can make money as a blogger in South Africa. If you want to become a blogger, you need a capital of $50 to $100 to create and host a blog. Creating content to earn decent income is where the challenge is.