List of web hosting companies in Kenya 2023


This year 2023 if you want to start a website, you have to look for a good hosting company for it.In Kenya, there are a number of companies providing web hosting services, some for small websites and others for high traffic websites. Below we have compiled the list of web hosting companies in Kenya that can host your website in 2023:

  • HostPinnacle

HostPinnacle is among the leading web hosting companies for small and medium blogs. The company charges from Ksh2, 999 per year.

If your budget is below Ksh 3, 000, choose HostPinnacle

  • Kenya Website Experts

Another good web hosting company in Kenya is Kenya Website Experts. This one has over 10,000 clients. The company hosts WordPress sites with small, medium and high traffic. Clients are also allowed to register new domain names.

The cost of hosting at Kenya Website Experts is as low as Ksh3, 100 per year.

If you have a high traffic website, select Dedicated Servers because they provide enough resources.

  • Webhost Kenya

Webhost Kenya is ideal for small and medium traffic websites. The company offers web hosting services, domain registration, SSL certificate and web design services.

Their web hosting prices start from Ksh 2,415 per year. The most expensive package costs Ksh 6,250 per year.

The most ideal blogs to be hosted by Webhost Kenya are those getting less than 500,000 monthly visits.

  • Truehost   

Truehost is among the few web hosting companies in Kenya which offer free hosting. As long as you buy a domain from them, they provide you with free hosting services for one month as you prepare to pay for the premium packages.

Truehost contains a wide range of hosting packages, cheapest being Silver package which costs Ksh 399 per year.

  • Sasahost

Sasahost is an established web hosting company that provides all types of hosting. The most popular one is Basic Hosting which costs Ksh 2,750 to Ksh 10,500 per year.

Sasahost also provides Dedicated Servers for websites receiving high traffic. Dedicated Servers cost as little as Ksh 22,500 per month.

  • Skyhost

Skyhost is not as popular as HostPinnacle but it has one of the best hosting packages. It offers basic hosting,VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Windows Hosting services.

With a new website you will go for Shared Hosting. The company’s cheapest hosting plan costs Ksh 3,449 per year.

If you have a viral website, select Dedicated Server hosting, which is more expensive than Shared Hosting but it provides enough resources.

  • Mango Hosting Services

Another notable web hosting provider is Mango Hosting Services which offers hosting for business websites as well as small and medium traffic website.

Their hosting packages start from Ksh 1,999 per year.

You can also buy a new domain from Mango Hosting Company cheaply.

  • Hostpoa

The good thing is that in Kenya there are enough web hosting companies for blogs created daily. One of them is Hostpoa which has positioned itself as the leading web hosting provider in Kenya particularly for small and medium WordPress sites.

Hostpoa charges as low as Ksh 3,480 per year with prices rising with resources.With a high traffic WordPress site,you’ll go for Corporate package which costs Ksh 10,440 per year.

  • Shujaa Host

Shujaa Host is among the best new web hosting providers in Kenya, it also offers very cheap packages. One of their plans costs Ksh 600 per year and it’s ideal for new blogs.

If you have a blog getting up to 500,000 visitors per month, consider hosting it at Shujaa Host.

  • Oraweb Host

Oraweb Host is cheaper than most of the existing hosting companies in Kenya.It has packages costing as little as Ksh2,000 per year.

The types of hosting provided by Oraweb include: Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting,VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Corporate Hosting and Managed Dedicated Server Hosting. This simply means that you MUST find a package suitable for your blog/website.

  • Kenyaweb

Kenyaweb is not an old web hosting company but it still has many clients it serves. Though expensive, their services are perfect.To host your site at Kenyaweb,you pay Ksh 13,920 per year.

The features of this hosting package are as follows:

20GB Disc Space
99% Uptime
Unlimited Bandwidth
Domain Name (,,
Emails – Upto 20email Accounts
Unlimited RAM

You can select Kenyaweb if you need the best hosting services in Kenya.

  • Movehost

Movehost is a cheap but reliable web hosting company in Kenya. It offers hosting plans which cost as little as Ksh 1,000 per year.

The hosting resources provided by Movehost are ideal for small and medium websites which don’t need millions of visits per month.

  • Web Hosting Kenya

Web hosting Kenya is also another notable web hosting provider in the country.

Web hosting services cost Ksh 900 to 2,100 per year.

Those are some of the best web hosting companies in Kenya for the year 2023.