List of marketable degree courses in Kenya 2023


There are a number of degree courses you can pursue in Kenya which are very marketable in 2023.A marketable course will help you secure employment faster especially this time when jobs are few. Most of these courses also help you get skills you can utilize when you are self-employed.

Here is a list of the most marketable courses in Kenya 2023:

  • Bachelor of Architecture

Architecture is a very marketable course. Currently there is huge demand for modern designs especially from Architects. People are tired of buying designs from quacks.Archtecture takes 4-5 years to complete and it’s available in JKUAT and the University of Nairobi.

With a degree in Architecture you will earn at least Ksh200, 000 in Kenya.

  • Bachelor of Real Estate Management

Pursue Real Estate and become a consultant. Start your own construction company and also sell real estate property and land. The sector is booming at the moment.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Management

Criminology is very marketable. You can start your own consultant firm, get employed in private firms or government institutions. While in college, supplement your degree with a professional course related to criminology or auditing.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Film and Animation Studies

Film and Animation will also not disappoint you. But here you have to know how to come up with perfect films which you can post on YouTube and earn money. Specialize in film production and sell the content to media houses. You can also create video games for children and sell them online.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Justice and Security Studies

This one is similar to Criminology and it’s also very marketable.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Mass Media and Communication

Pursuing Mass Communication may not necessarily land you into a media house but it will equip you with skills on how to become a better journalist. Create your own YouTube channel or blog and provide information to the public. You will earn a lot of money online as a journalist.

  • Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce alone may not guarantee you a job but if you add CPA, ACCA and CFA,you will definitely become marketable. Almost every sector requires an accountant. But don’t pursue Bcom without a professional course.

  • Bachelor of Counselling

Nowadays there is a huge demand for counsellors and motivational speakers. I know of a number of motivational speakers earning in excess of Ksh50, 000 per session. Most of them are now millionaires.

Bachelor of Counselling is only ideal if you want to become a consultant

  • Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

You can also pursue Bachelor of Economics and Statistics, then add CFA or ACCA and become a Financial Analyst or Auditor. The course is not so marketable unless you add professional courses and or a Masters in related field. With a statistics course you can work in any sector, be it NGO, government organization, private institution, stock brokers, research firms etc.

  • Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Studies

Pursue early childhood education degree and start your own daycare. With a degree in this course, you’ll get all the licenses to operate the business.

  • Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education

Another good course to pursue this year 2023 is Bachelor of Special Needs Education. Currently there are few schools which offer special needs education. You can be employed or start your own schools. Jobs for these graduates are in plenty.

  • Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Education may not be among the best paying jobs in Kenya but it’s marketable. With a degree in education you can’t be jobless. After graduation, look for a job in a private institution as you get to be absorbed by the government.

  • Bachelor of Laws

You can’t go wrong with Bachelor of Law, it’s among top 3 best paying degrees in Kenya. You will take approximately 5 years in college and one extra year in Kenya School of Law. After being admitted to the bar, it will take you a couple of years to start making millions. But you have to be good in what you do.

  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery is the best paying career in Kenya. It’s hard to be jobless when you hold this degree. But to qualify to the university you have to get straight A.It takes a student 6 years in college until graduation.

A medical doctor is paid Ksh200, 000 and above per month. Most private hospitals pay more than Ksh 400,000 to experienced doctors.

  • Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

Bachelor of Actuarial Science is very marketable if you add professional courses in Actuarial Science or CFA.Don’t pursue Actuarial Science only and expect to become an Actuary, you have to pursue professional papers.

  • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine is a perfect course for those who want to start their own clinics or to be employed in hospitals to help doctors in their work.

  • Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology

If I were to go to school, I could pick Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology and open my own clinic after college. These guys make a lot of money from their clinics.

  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

I will suggest that you pursue bachelor of Electrical and Electronics engineering if you are planning to start your own business. You can do solar installations, sell electrical and solar items, and also become a consultant. If you are lucky, companies like KPLC, Geothermal Development Company and KenGen will employ you.

  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Hospitality is how booming. Nowadays getting a job in hotel is easy. With a degree in hospitality, you won’t be jobless. And even if you don’t get a jobs, you can start your own hospitality business. Catering and event management is one of the most profitable businesses at the moment.

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

You can also pursue Bachelor of Information Technology and specialize in Software Engineering. You won’t be jobless. There are numerous jobs you can do with your degree. You can even employ yourself to develop Apps for companies.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Nursing is so marketable in Kenya. It’s almost impossible to find a jobless qualified nurse. Some of them get employed even in the UK and USA.

For those with B+ and above, select Nursing as a profession and you won’t regret.

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics

Applied Statistics is also another good course to pursue in Kenya, it’s offered in Maseno University, Moi University among other universities. Graduates work in NGOs, government institutions, research firms, private firms, banks, insurance companies and other institutions.

But if you want to become more marketable, make sure you add statistical packages and professional courses like CFA.You should also pursue Masters in Statistics especially if you are working in an NGO.

  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer and Electronic Systems

This is a good course because it trains you on how to develop Apps and how to do programming. Nowadays programming is everything.IBM, Safaricom and Google are some of the companies which will employ you.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Computer Science cannot be wished out, it’s as marketable as Bachelor of Architecture. If you are good in programming and developing Apps you won’t be jobless. You can get employed or start your own firm.

  • Bachelor of Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors are employed by county governments, national government, survey companies etc. But most of them employ themselves.

  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Bachelor of Computer Engineering is just like Bachelor of Computer Science and it’s very marketable. There are several IT companies employing these graduates.