Highest paying jobs in Kenya 2023


In Kenya, there are jobs you can do and become rich very quickly and there are jobs which pay peanuts. When looking for a career to settle in, look for the best paying careers. We have compiled a list of the highest paying jobs some paying up to Ksh 2 million per month. But the competition for such jobs is high, you have to sweat it out with the best in respective fields for you to grasp one.

As an employee, you definitely want to make money what will inspire you to wake up early and look forward to reporting to work every day. Here are the top paying jobs in Kenya for the year 2023:

  • Medical Doctor/Surgeon

With a job as a medical doctor, you are assured of earning over Ksh200, 000 per month. Most private hospitals in Nairobi pay doctors Ksh400, 000 and above per month. Some of the doctors in Karen Hospital, I know them, earn in excess of Ksh500, 000 monthly. Furthermore, they also own their clinics.

Karen Hospital, The Nairobi Hospital, Aga Khan Hospital and The Mater Hospital are among the highest paying hospitals in Kenya.

To become a medical doctor in Kenya you have to pursue a degree in Medicine & Surgery which takes at least 6 years to complete. There is also a time for internship which takes approximately 6 months.

Private hospitals pay better than government hospitals.

  • Piloting

Another well-paying career in Kenya is piloting. Experienced pilots in KQ earn upwards of Ksh 700,000 per month. Some of the pilots make Ksh2 million every month.

To study for piloting course, you need at least Ksh6 million. Since it’s expensive, only the rich are able to enroll their kids for this course.

  • Law

Once you possess a degree in Law and Diploma in Law from the Kenya School of Law, it’s hard to be poor. Law is one of the highest paying careers in Kenya. But the truth of the matter is that you have to be good in what you do in order to attract high paying clients. Some lawyers make in excess of Ksh 20 million per client. Lawyers like Donald Kipkorir, Paul Muite,Danson Omari and Cliff Ombeta are very rich.

  • Chief Finance Officer

Chief Finance Officer in most companies are ranked slightly below the CEO.They are well renumerated.It’s not uncommon to find a CFO earning over Ksh2 million per month.

Chief Finance Officers are important in organizations because they run the affairs of the company in the areas of finance.

To qualify as a CFO you must possess a business related degree, professional course in CPA, CFA, ACCA or related course and also pursue Masters in Business Administration.

Most Kenyans take up to 15 years to rise to the level of CFO

  • TV News Anchor

TV News Anchors earn decent pay—all of them are driving expensive cars and living in posh apartments.

The salary of TN News Anchors in Kenya range between Ksh 200,000 to Ksh 2 million. Jeff Koinange is the highest paid News Anchor in Kenya with a monthly pay of Ksh2 million.

  • Actuary

Actuaries pursue degree in Actuarial Science, then add professional courses in Actuarial Science or CFA.Let me tell you one thing, you can’t call yourself an Actuary without pursuing professional courses. With just a degree in Actuarial Science, you are not even half way to the qualification. You MUST pursue professional courses.

Actuaries work in Actuarial firms, Audit firms, research firms, stock brokers, government institutions like IRA and RBA, Banks and insurance companies. Their salary ranges between Ksh150, 000 and Ksh 1 million depending on one’s level of experience and the company they work for.

If you are pursuing Actuarial Science, make sure you have enrolled for professional courses because it will be tough for you without those qualifications.

  • Software Developers/IT experts

Software developers/IT Experts work in companies like Safaricom, Airtel, IBM, Google and Facebook—they are well paid. None of the qualified developer earns below Ksh150, 000 per month.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation professionals

Monitoring & Evaluation experts work in NGOs.Those with Masters in the same earn over Ksh 180,000 per month.

Majority of M&E experts possess undergraduate qualification in Statistics or monitoring & Evaluation.

With qualification in Project Management, you can also be employed as M&E expert.

  • University Lecturers

University Lecturers with PhD are also among the best paid professionals in Kenya. The best paid lecturers are those employed full time, they earn over Ksh 150,000 every month. Professors take home more than Ksh180, 000 monthly each.

Lecturers with just a Masters are underpaid, some taking home even Ksh40, 000 per month. For one to be paid a decent salary, they have to pursue PhD.

  • Chief Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officers are the highest paid employees in any organization.Safaricom,Equity Bank,KCB,EABL and Royal Media Services are among the best paying organizations in Kenya.Safaricom pays its CEO more than Ksh10 million per month.

More than 90% of companies in Kenya pay their CEO above Ksh 200,000.At least 20% of the companies pay over Ksh 600,000 monthly.

As a CEO you are the engine of a company, you determine its success or failure. The people you recruit to help you, the decisions you make are key to the company’s success. If the company fails, you are to blame.

  • Government parastatal employees

There are specific parastatals which pay well,like EACC,KRA,KCAA,KAA,KQ etc. Even CBK and NSIS, KenGen, GDC.If you manage to secure employment in any of these areas, you will earn decent money. Some of these parastatals are classified as Class A and their salaries are relatively higher than other parastatals. However, getting a job here require connections or luck…the competition for available opportunities is high.

The salary you expect to earn is above Ksh120, 000 per month.

  • United Nations employees

All employees in United Nations earn over Ksh 120,000 per month. Graduates earn over Ksh 250,000 monthly while those with PhD can take home millions.

  • Bank managers

All banks pay their managers decent salaries. The average salary of Bank Managers in Kenya is Ksh120,000.Big Banks like KCB,Cooperative Bank and Standard Chartered Bank pay over Ksh300,000 monthly plus yearly bonuses for meeting targets.

Lakini junior employees are not well paid. A bank like Equity pays junior employees even less than Ksh30,000

  • Underwriters

Insurance Underwriters are paid good money. They are the ones who asses accident vehicles for claims, they also deal with medical covers. Underwriters earn upwards of Ksh200,000 monthly.

  • Pharmacists

Most Pharmacists own their Chemists, they are also employed by government institutions, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. They are paid almost similar amount to Doctors. With a degree in Pharmacy, one is assured of making over ksh300, 000 monthly.

  • HR Managers

A course in Human Resources Management is marketable but only when you rise to the level of HR Managers that you will eat the fruits.HR Officers may not be well paid but their seniors are eating life with a big spoon.HR Managers in nearly all companies in Kenya earn over Ksh100, 000 per month.

  • Procurement Managers

Procurement is a lucrative departments especially if you are working with government. Even if your salary is small, you will still become rich. Kuna pesa nyingi za kando.

  • KDF

The Kenya Defense Forces pay better salaries than Police. Those in training are paid up to Ksh 40,000 monthly but after graduation, the pay will rise to above Ksh 70,000.With over 10 years of experience, someone in KDF earns more than Ksh120,000 monthly.

  • Governor,Senator,Woman Rep,MP and MCA

All political seats in Kenya are rewarding, right from the MCA to president. The lowest amount of money they earn monthly is ksh500, 000.If you are good in politics, seek a political position.

  • Architecture

Being an Architect is a good thing, you will make a lot of money either from private practice or by being employed. Every month you have to make over Ksh 200,000 from your work.