What is the best time to post on Facebook in Kenya?


The best time to post on Facebook in Kenya is between 8 am and 4 pm.This is when people are actively in offices and on their smartphones. If you are selling items, post between 9 am and 12pm, that’s the ideal time people are searching for items to purchase.

If you are posting information related to sports and entertainment, the best time to post is between 2pm and 10pm.

The best days to post on Facebook and get the highest engagement are Monday to Saturday. Monday is usually the best day to post jobs on Facebook.

Sunday is the worst day to post on Facebook in Kenya because majority of the population rest and go to church. You can post from 3pm but morning hours won’t be ideal.

Friday and Saturday are the best days to post entertainment and Sports stories. You will get the highest engagement.

Most Kenyans sleep between 10pm and 6pm, those are not the best times to post on Facebook.

Research shows that serious topics like real estate, careers, loans, banking, and motivational information get highest engagement between 9 am and 12 pm.From 2 pm people are abit tired and they want to get entertained. Stories about news, gossip, politics and entertainment get more views afternoon.