How much is Jeff Koinange salary?


Jeff Koinange works for Royal Media Services and he is the highest paid journalist in Kenya. The former CNN reporter earns a monthly salary of Ksh 2 million. Jeff is a news anchor at Citizen TV and he also hosts morning show at Hot 96.

His gross salary is Ksh 2,000,000.When subjected to tax, below is the net amount he takes home:

Gross Pay Kes 2,000,000.00

Contribution Benefit Kes 1,080.00

Total Deductions Kes 1,080.00

Taxable Pay Kes 1,998,920.00

Personal Relief Kes 2,400.00

Insurance Relief Kes 0.00

PAYE Kes 592,059.35

From the calculations above, you will notice that he takes home Ksh 1.4 million every month.

Jeff also works as an MC,he charges Ksh 300,000 to Ksh 2 million. In a month he hosts at least 2 events which earns him over Ksh700,000.

Jeff makes at least Ksh2 million monthly.

The journalist lives in Kitisuru where he owns a home valued at Ksh 2 million.