Jobs with highest demand in Kenya 2023


Even as graduates cry that there are no jobs, a number of jobs still attract attention, their demand is so high and those willing to do them are few. In case you are looking for a job, these are the type of jobs to look for:

Medical Doctor

The demand for medical doctors is very high and those with qualifications are few. More and more graduates are looking for jobs in UK, USA, Australia and Canada leaving Kenya with few professionals.

Those planning to pursue a degree course should thing of studying Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery, it’s marketable.

Medical Doctors earn upwards of Ksh200, 000 per month

Software Developers

If you are good in Software Development, you won’t be jobless in Kenya. These are people being absorbed by IT companies like IBM, telecommunication companies and even the government. These skills are rare.

Mobile phone repair specialist

If you possess skills in mobile phone repair, you will definitely find a place to work. The skills are important in the modern world. Though there are many mobile phone repair companies, still there are opportunities for more specialists.

You can get employed or employ yourself. Starting a mobile phone repair shop is so easy.

Mortuary attendant

Mortuary attendant jobs are in plenty as people shy away from the job. Since the demand is high,KMTC introduced a diploma course in Mortuary Attendant which will equip learners with such skills. The jobs are readily available.

Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors are employed by insurance companies to sell policies. These are some of the easiest jobs to get in Kenya. Since it’s hard to sell policies, Kenyans shy away from doing the job.

Most of the companies in Kenya pay commissions, they don’t pay any salary. So, you earn based on your sales.

Sales executives

Sales executives are needed in every sector,banks,insurance companies,microfinance,mobile loan combines, telecommunication companies, hotels etc.Kama uko na mdomo mzuri,you will never lack a job as a sales executive.


Nursing is one of the best careers to pursue in Kenya. The demand for nurses is high as some get opportunities in the UK, USA and Canada. The government is even afraid of letting them go abroad because there are few nurses in Kenya.

To become a nurse you need a degree or diploma in nursing.

Video Editor  & Photographer

Nowadays there are many YouTubers in Kenya, some making millions. All these people need photographers and video editors. If you possess these skills, you will always be on demand.

Social media manager

There are plenty of companies and individuals who need social media managers to manage their pages and also interact with comments. If you love being on social media it will be to your advantage.

Guest bloggers

Blogging is one of the new careers which is being embraced. As the number of bloggers rise,so does the demand for guest bloggers. These are professionals who write articles and get paid. Most blogs pay Ksh500 to Ksh5,000 per article depending on the length and quality of the article.


Most people shy away from plumbing jobs but these are some of the most demanded jobs in the country. The number of plumbers at the moment is low and demand is huge. If possible, enroll for a course in plumbing and you will get a job immediately after graduation.


Electricians are also needed all over. Construction is happening everywhere and part of the building process include electrical installations. Electricians are known for providing technical skills


Mechanics are also on demand across the country. These are rare skills and if you possess them, you will secure a well-paying jobs.