Marketable and best university courses to study in Kenya with B+ and B KCSE grades 2023


With a B+ or B plain you can’t pursue a course like Medicine or Architecture under JAB, you can only pursue less competitive courses. But there are specific less competitive courses which are even as marketable as Bachelor of Medicine & surgery.

One thing I will reveal to you is that avoid selecting universities like UoN,KU,JKUAT and other Universities in Nairobi, they are very competitive and you are likely to be admitted to a less marketable course.

Here is a list of courses to study in Kenya with B+ or B plain in the year 2023:

Bachelor of Nursing

Nursing is the most marketable degree course to pursue with a B+ or B plain in Kenya. This one you are guaranteed a job. Look for a university with low cluster points and select Bachelor of Nursing as your first choice. I believe with a B+ you will secure opportunity in a top university.

After finishing your 4 years, you will then enroll for Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery.

Bachelor of Applied Statistics

Bachelor of Applied Statistics is extremely marketable. But since the competition for jobs is high, ensure that you do all the packages for Statistics such as SPSS,Stata and R. Supplement your academic papers with GIS packages.

You can also branch into Actuarial Science by pursuing Actuarial professional courses.

There are also statisticians who work at NSE, Stock brokers, banks, audit firms and other financial institutions. If your interest is in this line, enroll for CFA course. With CFA qualification you can’t be jobless.

Statisticians work in almost every sector in Kenya.

Bachelor of Statistics

Bachelor of Statistics is just like Applied Statistics. If you want to be admitted for this course, don’t select Nairobi University because the cut off points are high.

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce alone may not get you a job. While in college, enroll for CFA or ACCA.Those two professional courses are marketable. Avoid CPA because almost everyone has enrolled for it.CFA is the real deal.

Bachelor of Accounting

Bachelor of Accounting plus CFE or ACCA is a full package. You will take few months to secure a job. Nobody should cheat you that the course is flooded, there are plenty of opportunities for accountants.

Bachelor of Information Technology

IT is also another marketable course to study with a B+ in KCSE.While in college, specialize on the software part because that’s where the market is.Companies like IBM, Google and Safaricom will employ you if you are good.

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying

If there is one course you should not ignore, it’s Bachelor of Quantity Surveying. You will not be jobless in Kenya if you pursue this course. Most universities consider those with B+ in KCSE.

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

There are a number of universities offering this course. The minimum grade required is B+.Avoid selecting University of Nairobi, JKUAT or KU because the competition for the course is high in those universities. With a B+ you will get a chance to pursue Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

With electrical engineering course, you can employ yourself or secure employment with private and government institutions.

Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Law can admit you with a B+.Identify small universities offering Bachelor of Law and apply to study for the course. It’s hard for UoN or other big universities to admit you with a B+

After Kenya School of Law, you will automatically start practicing as a lawyer.

Bachelor of Construction Management

Construction is a booming sector. With a Bachelor of Construction Management, you will start your own firm for constructing houses and projects for people. A B+ is enough to enroll for a course in Construction Management.

Bachelor of Real Estate management

Pursue a course in Real Estate Management and start your own consultant firm. Real Estate is a booming sector and I am sure with a degree course there are a number of things you can do with it.

Bachelor of Education

Education will always be marketable in Kenya. The good thing is that even with a B plain, you will still secure a chance to study for a degree in education. After college, you will only hustle for few years to secure employment with government.

Bachelor of Education in Special Needs Education

There are hundreds of special needs education schools in the country. You won’t be jobless when holding this qualification.

Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology

The first choice you will make is to pick Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology. This course is very marketable and a hot cake one. You will need a B+ and above to pursue the degree course.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Hospitality industry has plenty of opportunities. The entry grade can be as low as C+.