How to pay fee to Daystar University, here are the payment options


There are many ways to pay fee to Daystar University, one of them is through PayBill number.You can also pay directly to their bank accounts.

Here are the methods to use when paying school fee to Daystar University:

Payment Via M-Pesa

  • Paybill No. 209800
  • Account No. Use your ADM No. E.G. 18-000
  • Always add Ksh. 50/- (For bank Charges) to every transaction you make.
  • Collect the receipt after 2 working days.

Payment Via Co-operative Bank

  • A/C No: 01120065209800
  • A/C Name: Daystar University
  • Branch: Athi-River
  • NOTE: Always indicate your ADM No. when depositing at the bank.

Payment Via KCB Bank

  • A/C No. 1215157754
  • A/C Name: Daystar University
  • NOTE: Always indicate your ADM No. when depositing at the bank.

Daystar University Bank Wire Transfer Details

  • Beneficiary Bank: CO-OPERATIVE BANK (K) LTD
  • Branch: ATHI RIVER
  • Sort Code: 11033
  • Swift Code: KCOOKENA
  • Beneficiary Name: DAYSTAR UNIVERSITY
  • Beneficiary Account: 021 20065 209 800 (DOLLAR A/C)
  • Beneficiary Account: 011 20065 209 800 (KENYA SHILLING ACCOUNT)
  • BANK ADDRESS: P. O. BOX 321(00204)

CORRESPONDENT BANKS (note: Only use this when it is a requirement by your bank)

US Dollar Remittances: Standard Chartered Bank, NEW YORK Swift code SCBLUS33

Euros remittances: Deustsche Bank AG Frunfurt Swift code DEUTDEFF

Sterling Pound Remittances: Standard Chartered Bank PLC, London swift code SCBLGB2L

Corresponding Bank in UK (for UK Sponsors)

  • Beneficiary Bank: HSBC BANK
  • Location: LONDON
  • Swift Code: MIDL GB 22
  • Account No. 00 31 68 60

Payment From Sponsors

Payments from the US can also be made through the Daystar US office. For more information please email

The sponsor is required to state the name and admission number of the student. Most wire transfer forms have a space provided stated: Sent to the benefit of: (student name and admission number is filled here).

Please Note:

Receipt will be available on the student portal for printing within 2 days after payment