Vice Chancellor Salary in Kenya


The salary of Vice Chancellor in Kenya ranges between Ksh 427,427 to Ksh 744,078 per month plus allowances. Vice Chancellors earn House Allowance of Ksh 87,925 per month, they are also provided with Leave Allowance, Medical Allowance and other allowances.

The lowest paid Vice Chancellor earns Ksh 900,000 per month while the highest paid vice chancellor pockets Ksh1,8 million per month.

To become a Vice Chancellor one has to possess a PhD and over 15 years of experience. Nearly all Vice Chancellors in Kenya are professors.

Below are qualifications for one to become a Vice Chancellor in Kenya and their duties and responsibilities:

For appointment to this position, a candidate must:
(i) be a professor and holder of an earned Doctorate Degree or equivalent
qualification from a university recognized in Kenya;
(ii) have at least 10 years of demonstrable leadership at senior level in an academic
and/or research institution having served substantively with measurable
results in the position of a Dean/Director, Principal of a Constituent
University/College or as a Deputy Vice-Chancellor of a university;
(iii) have demonstrable knowledge in the structural, legislative and regulatory
framework for managing a university;
(iv) have demonstrated management capacity including knowledge of the Public
Finance Management Act No. 18 of 2012, the Public Procurement and Asset
Disposal Act No. 33 of 2015 and Strategic People Management;
(v) have supervised and mentored students in Masters and PhD Degree
Programmes in addition to being an accomplished scholar with proven track
record in continuing research and publications on pertinent contemporary

(vi) possess a proven track record of continuing research and publications in peer
reviewed journals, monographs, book chapters and books;
(vii) have demonstrable experience in networking and fundraising;
(viii) have demonstrable experience in transformative and strategic leadership; and
(ix) be of high ethical standards, integrity and accountability and comply with the
requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution.
Core Competencies
(i) ability to portray and uphold positive national and international image and work
in a multi- cultural environmental with sensitivity to and respect for diversity;
(ii) promote project and protect the image of the university;
(iii) a visionary and result-oriented individual;
(iv) excellent organization, interpersonal and communication skills;
(v) capacity to work under pressure to meet deadlines;
(vi) firm, fair, communicative and transparent management style;
(vii) ability to initiate, implement, monitor and evaluate academic and research
programmes and policies;
(viii) creative and innovative ability to bring about change for the sustainable growth
of the university; and
(ix) ability to exercise soft power by detecting and dissipating tensions and by
negotiating, mediating and arbitrating conflict.
Duties and Responsibilities
The Vice-Chancellor shall report to the University Council. His/her duties and
responsibilities will include:-
(i) being the Accounting and Chief Executive Officer of the university;
(ii) being the academic and administrative head of the university;
(iii) being responsible to the Council for maintaining and promoting the academic
image of the university;
(iv) oversee the implementation of policies, strategies and programmes of the
(v) implementing Council decisions and resolutions;
(vi) providing strategic innovative and creative direction and leadership to the
university by competitively positioning and representing the University
nationally, regionally and internationally;
(vii) organizing and administering programmes of the university;
(viii) facilitating and maintaining cooperation with government institution,
regulatory agencies, local and international institutions of higher learning and
other stakeholders;
(ix) providing leadership in enhancing e-learning as well as harmonizing it with
traditional face to face on campus learning programmes;
(x) directing, organizing and the administration of programmes of the university;

(xi) undertaking public relations, fund-raising and general development of the
(xii) chairing the Senate and the University Management Board; and
(xiii) carrying out any other responsibilities as may be assigned or delegated by the
Council as provided for in the Universities Act 2012, University Charter and