Highest Paying Careers in Kuwait


Here is the list of highest paying careers in Kuwait

  1. Neurology Specialist

They earn around KWD 43,760- 70,260 and above in a year. A neurologist is a doctor that has specialized in treating the disorders that affect brain, spinal cord and nerves.  One must learn from accredited institution to and acquire a degree.

  1. Judges   

The average salary for a judge is KWD 45,620 – 54,280 annually. This varies with the experience of the judge over the years.

  1. Warehouse Lead

One must have at least 3yrs experience in the USG AIS (GCSS – army), working knowledge of army property and warehouse operations. An average salary for warehouse lead is KWD 36,000 and above depending with the level of experience.

  1. Lawyers

One must have a degree from a certified institution from Kuwait’s government. A lawyer with 15-20yrs of experience earns an average salary of KWD 46,060, for experience of less than 10yrs the average salary KWD is 39,560.

  1. Hygiene Supervisor

The average salary yearly is KWD 32,640 in a year. Industrial hygiene salaries vary drastically based on experience, gender, skills and location.

  1. Bank Managers

The highest paid bank manager salary is KWD 42,840 annually. This is inclusive of transportation, housing, medical insurance cover and many others.

  1. College Professors

With the education and experience of 15 years and above, the average salary annually is KWD 44,760 and above. They teach college and universities.

  1. Event Manager

They are responsible for finding and booking venues, liaising with clients and suppliers handling logistics and many other things. The average salary of an events manager is KWD 21,240 for the beginners; the ones with experience earn more.

  1. Pilots

The average salaries for pilots is KWD 39,080 from the statistics, however the median salary is KWD 22,400 in a year. This salary also varies with the experience an individual has.

  1. Consultant – Histopathology

They are responsible for studying tissues, cells and genetics to provide the accurate diagnosis. The average salary of a consultant in histopathology is KWD 52,800 annually.

  1. Anesthesia Specialist

They evaluate and monitor while supervising patients before, during and after surgery etc.  The average salary for a anesthesia specialist is KWD 41, 120 in a year.

  1. Civil Engineer

They build and maintain infrastructures like roads, bridges, water resources etc. They annually earn on average KWD 96,000 depending with one’s experience.

  1. Network Administrator

They are responsible in ensuring and maintaining computer networks and solving any problems KWD 40,000 to 55,000 annually.

  1. Human resource Officer

This position is required in different organizations and industries. The Human resource officers are responsible for hiring and finding skilled working personnel for a business, company or an organization. The average earning is KWD 7200 annually.

  1. Audiologist

These are experts in providing services in the prevention, diagnosis and evidence based treatment, hearing and balance disorders for people of all ages. The average salary is KWD 66,180 annually and above.

  1. Marketing Directors

The average salary for a marketing manager with experience is KWD 45,360 and above annually. They are responsible for selling the company’s brand and create awareness.

  1. Trade Financial Professional

The average salary is KWD 34,680 annually. Their work is to provide the exporter with receivables/payments according to the agreement.

  1. Architect

Their work is to design buildings structures and ensuring the final product is attractive and functional.  The average salary for an architect is KWD 85,824 annually.

  1. Radiologist

The average salaries for radiologist is KWD 58,440 yearly, this is paid to those who have 15yrs of experience and above. The radiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries and diseases using medical imaging experience.

  1. Real Estate Manager

This is a booming industry/business in Kuwait, with an average salary annually being KWD 81,600. One must be equipped with the necessary real estate finance and technology tools.

  1. Public Relations Manager

The highest public relations manager in Kuwait receives an average salary of KWD 70, 800 and above. Their role is to make sure the company has a good image out there.

  1. IT Director

This is a rare profession in Kuwait hence suitable for innovative people. An average IT director salary is KWD 61,200 annually and above.

  1. Geologist (Oil/Gas/Energy/Mining)

The individuals in this sector are responsible for drilling oil and finding out scientifically whether oil exists in a target area. They earn KWD 48,000 annually.

  1. Electrical Engineer

This is another sector in Kuwait that is on demand. The average salary of an electrical engineer is KWD 60,000 and above on an annual basis.

  1. Chief Executive Officers

They are responsible in making decisions for an organization. An average salary they receive annually is KWD 52,920 and above depending with one’s experience and the organization they are working for.

  1. Operations Manager

The average salary of an operations manager is KWD 38,160 and above. They are responsible for overseeing operational activities at every level of the organization.

  1. Geophysicist

They are responsible for applying principles and concepts of mathematics, physics, engineering, geology etc. to the study of earth and the planets. Their average salary is KWD 41,640 in a year.

  1. Surgeons

They are always on demand and it is among the professions that earns much. An average surgeon earns KWD 68,480 and above annually.

  1. Software Developers

This industry demand for workers increases on a daily basis, they earn six figures at maximum. They are responsible for creating and testing software from start to finish.

  1. Environmental Manager

In this age of global warming, environmental managers are highly on demand. They are responsible for advising companies and government on environmental issues. Their average salary is KWD 61,200 annually.