Bloggers Salary in Dubai


There are many people who would want to know how much money bloggers make in Dubai before creating blogs. Well, money generated from a blog is dependent on traffic and source. Majority of bloggers earn money through AdSense. In Dubai, more than 90% of blogs get less than 1 million visits per month, meaning that on average each blogger makes AED 5000 per month.However,there are bloggers who make less than AED 5000 per month while a few of them make over AED 10000 monthly.

News blogs (those which are less than 2 years old) get low traffic. The number of visits range between 1000 and 1 million per month. With such low traffic, it’s difficult for a blog to attract independent advertisers, hence reliance on AdSense.

If the dependence on AdSense is 100%, below is the amount of money bloggers make in Dubai per month:

10,000 visitors—AED 300

100,000 visitors—AED 3000

500,000 visitors—AED 20,000

1 million visitors—AED 40,000

With over 1 million visits per money, you will make over AED 50,000.But less than 20% of blogs generate high volumes of traffic.

Blogs with high volumes of traffic make money from the following areas:

  1. AdSense
  2. AdSense alternatives like MGID
  3. Independent advertisers (Direct banners)
  4. Selling their own products & subscriptions
  5. Buying and selling of domains
  6. Web hosting services
  7. Web design services
  8. Designing and selling of websites