What Is considered good traffic for a blog per month



Good traffic varies from one blog to another. But generally, good traffic is from 100,000 monthly visitors and above. For affiliate marketing, good traffic is 50,000 and above per month and for AdSense monetization, good traffic is 100,000 and above per month.

Affiliate marketing doesn’t necessarily require a lot of traffic, it needs relevant traffic. With a niche blog, 50,000 visitors per month will generate income of over $1000. With 100,000 monthly visits, your blog will generate over $300 from AdSense. You might create 1 review post for an affiliate product, get 10,000 views and earn $3000 while someone will create 1000 articles which generate 500,000 views but earn $800.Affiliate marketers are more advantaged compared to content creators who generate income through AdSense. But to get traffic on affiliate review bogs is difficult because Google favours sites without affiliate links.

Every blogger knows what she wants with their traffic. We my claim that 100,000 visits per month is good but there is a blogger someone who is targeting 1 million traffic. There are also new bloggers who will be comfortable with 10,000 visitors per month

From our point of view, good traffic is one that will help you pay web hosting bills and other expenses associated with blogging and still remain with extra money for personal use.

Based on the age of a blog, below is a good traffic per month:

0 To 1 year—10,000 visits

2 years—-50,000 visits

3 years—100,000 visits

4 years—150,000 visits

5 years—200,000 visits

7 years—300,000 visits

10 years—500,000 visits

More than 10 years—above 500,000 visits

A blogger who generates content regularly will witness constant growth of a blog. By year 1 you will get 10,000 visitors to your blog monthly and by the time the blog is 5 years old, the monthly traffic would have surged to 50,000.

Majority of bloggers earn money through AdSense. Based on the AdSense income, you can decide the best traffic for your blog. Below is the estimated income in relation to traffic numbers:

10,000 visits—$30

20,000 visits—$50 to $100

50,000 visits—$ 80 to $200

100,000 visits—-$200 to $300

500,000 visits—$500 to $2000

1 million visits—$ 2000 to $10000

5 million visits—-$6000 to $40,000

It’s now upon you to grow your traffic to a point where you’re comfortable with the income. Majority of bloggers will be comfortable earning above $1000 month. This means that good traffic for them is above 500,000.

Good traffic also varies from one niche to another. Some niches do not attract heavy traffic but their income from AdSense is high. Niches like Mortgage and Insurance attract low traffic but they will yield more than $1 per click. Niches like jobs, entertainment, news and politics attract heavy traffic but their income is small. AdSense CPC for the niches is $0.02 to $0.50.

Below is the good traffic for each niche:

Loans—100,000 visits

Mortgage—-50,000 visits

Real Estate—300,000 visits

Jobs—1 million visits

Education—1 million visits

Banking—300,000 visits

Insurance—100,000 visits

News—2 million visits

Entertainment—-3 million visits

Sports—-1 million visits

Tech—-500,000 visits

Business—1 million visits

Scholarships—-2 million visits

Personal Finance—300,000 visits

Web Hosting—-500,000 visits

Blogging—1 million visits

Affiliate marketing—-100,000 visits

A challenge comes when you want to get traffic.10 years ago it was easy to get traffic eve without sharing your content on social media. You could only post on your blog, visitors will share the content on social media, hence generating substantial traffic. Today, you have to share your content on all social media platforms, including LinkedIn. You should also create the best articles to enable your visitors to keep on visiting your blog.