How to write a blog post that ranks well on Google after the March core algorithm 2024


After the March 2024 Google Core Algorithm it became extremely hard for blogs to rank on Google. Thousands of blogs were deindexed while millions others lost traffic. The winners were the likes of Quora and Raddit.

If you are planning to continue creating content and rank well on Google, below are strategies to employ:

Create a Forum

Create a Forum website like Quora where people give different opinions. Your work will be to moderate the content.

Nowadays Google prefer content from forums as opposed to content written by one individuals.

Be authority in your area

Create an authority site and dominate your area. Your blog should contain content that that people trust. Have a presence on social media where you share the content.

Don’t fill your blog space with sponsored content

It seems like Google does not like sites with many sponsored content. They claim it’s site reputation abuse. If possible, don’t accept sponsored content especially if the articles have already been posted elsewhere.

Don’t create content with AI

Most of the sites that were deindexed had content generated with AI. Google want sites to create original content the traditional way.AI content is not created by humans though it mimics human beings. The more you ignore AI the better for your site.

Your content should be unique

There are keywords which have been overused. Imagine how many people have written content about “how to make money online”. If your intention is to steal keywords from Google and create content on those key words, you will fail terribly. Such content may not even be indexed.

If you can come up with very unique content which is not existing on Google, you will easily rank.

Sell items on your website

While creating content, sell items on that website. This will tell Google that you really understand what you are writing about.

Reduce affiliate links on your site

Many content with affiliate links is not ranking on Google. Google of today is not like Google of 10 years ago when they accepted any content.

Articles without affiliate links will rank higher than content with affiliate links.


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