How I reduced web hosting cost by 800% for my blog after doing this


I am overly excited because my web hosting traffic has increased by the cost of hosting reduced drastically. For the past few years I have been paying $1800 per year for my 6 sites but from last year, I have been paying $200 annually. What surprises me most is that despite high traffic, I am still paying low amount for hosting. These are the strategies I used:

I deleted old articles which were not attracting any traffic

I had old articles which were not generating any traffic. They were over 1,000. I dedicated 1 day to delete them. Those articles were not bringing even 1,000 views per month in total—they were useless.

I reduced the size of the photos

I went through all the photos in each article and reduced the size. Initially, there were photos which were in the size of more than 1MB, I reduced them to less than 100kb.

I reduced the number of images in articles

There were some articles with up to 10 images where some of the images were not helpful, I removed some and remained with a few useful ones.

I stopped uploading videos directly to my blog

At first I was uploading heavy videos to my blog, I stopped this and instead directed my visitors to my YouTube channel.

I purchased a light WordPress theme

I was using a very heavy theme which was slow in loading. When I discovered this, I had to search for a very light template which I am using up to now.

I started paying annually instead of monthly

The hosting company I was using had the option of paying monthly or annually. When I started paying annually, they gave me a discount of two months. I saved over $200 through this idea.

I reduced the number of plugins

I deactivated and deleted unnecessary plugins. I discovered that some of them were consuming a lot of resources.


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