30 Highest Paying Careers in Canada 2023/2024


Here is a list of top 30 highest paying careers in Canada 2023/2024:

  1. Full Stack Developer

This career has become extremely popular over time, to those that desire a career in technology that is growing rapidly and fast. A full Stack developer’s job is to engineer and develop a web working with both front and back ends of the application/website. Entry level salary annually is C$75,000, but with experience the salary increases.

  1. Financial Analyst

This job and career has remained relevant for many years now because many businesses/industries rely on experienced personnel in this field to enhance their success. A financial analyst salary range from C$80,000 – 120,000 annually.

  1. Professional Gambler

The average they make is C$54,750 annually, but the pay increases with experience. There are millionaires who are gamblers.

  1. Corporate Lawyer

The average salary for a corporate lawyer is C$93,736 annually. It takes approximately 7yrs to become a licensed practicing lawyer in Canada.

  1. Anesthesiologist

Like any other medical career, an anesthesiologist requires at least four years residency program. They evaluate, monitor and supervise patient care before, during and after surgery and ensuring optimal patient safety. The average salary is C$351,358 annually.

  1. Physician

The Canadian institute for Health and Information indicates that an average Physician earns an average of C$354,000 in a year. That is just for starters. If this is your area of expertise and passion goes for it, one can easily make millions from this career.

  1. Cardiologist

The average Cardiologist earns C$ 287,500 annually. One must hold a degree from an approved university/institution in Canada. Cardiologists generally diagnose, assess and treat patients with defects and diseases that affect the heart and the blood vessels.

  1. Surgeon

The specialists in this field earn way more money than family physicians according to the statistics from Canadian Health Information. An average surgeon specialist earns $457,000 annually.

  1. Pilot

The average salary that a pilot makes in Canada is C$ 81,682 annually and C$41.89 per hour. The entry level is C$ 61,145 per Year. To be qualified to be a pilot one must be over 21yrs old, hold a commercial pilot license (PLC).

  1. Chief Marketing Officer

The average salary for a chief marketing officer in Canada is C$ 150,392 annually. They are responsible for increasing consumer awareness and the company brand.

  1. Psychiatrist

The average salary for Psychiatrists in Canada is C$ 322,217 annually. One must graduate from approved medical school to practice this career professionally.

  1. Orthodontist

The Orthodontist is a trained dentist trained to diagnose, treat teeth and jaw irregularities. The average salary in a year is C$194,225 – 411,696 depending with the city/town that one resides in.

  1. Software Engineering

The average salary for a software engineer is C$88,458 in a year. They design, test, maintain and develop software applications.

  1. Software Architect

The highest paid software architect is paid C$126,830 annually. They are in charge of using computer code to develop and design software applications.

  1. Enterprise Architect

The enterprise architects evaluate internal functions, business development strategies and IT processes, suggesting improvements. An average enterprise architect salary is C$ 126,830 in a year.

  1. Corporate Controller

Their work is to supervise all accounting and financial functions at companies. They receive an average salary of C$ 130,795 annually.

  1. Data Scientist

The average salary is C$ 80,061 annually. Their work is to examine the questions that need answering and to find the related data.

  1. Electrical Engineer

The average salary for electrical engineers is C$ 79,041 depending with the city/town one resides in.

  1. Construction Project Manager

They are responsible for ensuring all projects are on budget and are delivered on time.  The average salary of a construction project manager is C$ 76, 117 in a year.

  1. Actuary

They analyze financial costs of risk and uncertainty. The average salary of an actuary is C$ 155,211.

  1. Public Relation Managers

The average annual salary is C$ 138,000. They are responsible in shaping their organizations point of view to their audience through interviews, media releases and other forms of communications.

  1. Law Teachers (Post-secondary)

The average annual salary for law teachers is C$ 130,820. They teach law students in institutions/universities.

  1. Dermatologist

They are responsible for treating the skin and coming up with the right treatments. The average salary of a dermatologist is C$100,000 an above this varies depending with one’s experience and the city/town they reside in.

  1. Human Resource Managers

They are responsible for hiring, firing and placing individuals in the right departments. The average salary is C$ 80,000 – 110,000 in a year.

  1. Astronomers

They receive an average salary of $ 139,410 and above annually. They stud the origin and the structure of the universe, including planets, stars etc.

  1. Judges/Magistrates

They are responsible for the hearing and verdict of cases presented to them in a court of law. The average salary of $ 254, 518.

  1. Advertising and Promotions Managers

The average salary is C$ 73,970. They advertise and promote a company’s brands and products.

  1. Podiatrists

They are responsible for treating different ankle ailments. Their average salary in a year is C$ 100,057.

  1. Executive Assistant

The average salary they receive annually is C$ 60,000 – 96,000. They are responsible in assisting inner office workings and balance professional, familial and social obligations.

  1. Millwrights

With the increase in machines automation, there will be an increase for Millwrights to keep the machines in good working conditions. The average salary is C$ 95,000 at a senior level.