Highest paying careers in Australia 2023/2024


Here is a list of highest paying careers in Australia 2023/2024

  1. IT Security Specialist

IT Specialists help businesses protect company and customer data from cyber threats. They install security measures, monitor business systems for threats and act fast to minimize damage. They also teach employees how to deal with and reduce the impact of cyber threats. Their average salary is $102,598 per year.

  1. Engineer

Electrical engineers and mining engineers are some of the most highly paid engineers. Engineers usually specialize in one area of engineering. A good example is chemical engineers who design and create different materials, equipment and chemical processing factories. The national average salary for an engineer is $104,986 per year.

  1. Miner

Their work is to extract and transport minerals, ores and waste materials from underground and open cut mines using heavy machinery and equipment. The average miner is paid $112,565 yearly.

  1. Insurance Manager

Insurance managers oversee the work of people at their insurance office, such as insurance brokers, underwriters, claims investigators and actuaries. They make sure that all employees understand their roles and work productively to serve customers and meet company targets. The average salary for these people is $113,081 per year.

  1. IT Manager

It managers oversee IT departments, ensuring all IT employees work effectively and accurately. They may also help people in other departments use their business’s hardware and software. They also coordinate the introduction of new hardware and software. The average salary for these people is $ 115,757 per year.

  1. Engineering manager

The National Average salary for these people is $117,676 per year. Engineering managers plan and supervise their business’s engineering operations and employees. Engineering managers work in a variety of sub industry, such as civil engineering and environmental engineering.

  1. Finance manager-

Finance managers oversee their business’s financial health. They develop company budgets and distribute company resources to all departments. They also monitor their businesses. The average salary is $118,578 yearly.

  1. Geologist

They advise the mining industry on mineral location, extraction and land rehabilitation. They also help protect environmental habitats so flora and fauna can thrive. The average salary for a geologist is $121,675 per year.

  1. Corporate lawyer

Corporate lawyers help businesses launch, grow and dissolve according to the local news. They advise business clients on how to handle legal matters and create corporate contracts. They often specialize in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and private equity. Their average salary ranges from $127,154 per year.

  1. Radiologist

Radiologists use medical knowledge to interpret medical imaging scans such as ultra sounds and X-rays. Their assessment helps them diagnose patients, help doctors develop treatment plans and monitor chronic health conditions. The average salary for radiologists ranges from 133,474 yearly

  1. Surgeon

Surgeons operate on patients to treat diseases, abnormalities and resolve injuries. They also consult with patients and learn about their medical histories to determine the best surgical treatments. Surgeons specialize in operations on different body parts. There are surgeons for the heart, brain and other body parts. The average salary they get is $ 131,692 per year.

  1. Emergency medicine physician

The average salary for an emergency medical physician is $ 137,605 per year. Their work is to provide urgent care to patients with acute injuries and illnesses, such as heart attacks, asthma attacks, drug overdoses and strokes. They treat the patients immediately and quickly to prevent further health complications or death.

  1. School principle

An average school principle in Australia is paid $140,392 per year. The work of a school principle is to manage the school’s administration, Finances and educational operations. They identify the needs of students and teachers and address them, including the purchase of new equipment and hiring new maintenance teams. They also promote the school to the wider community, recruit, train new employees, in some cases, teach students.

  1. Dentist

They examine their patients’ mouth and diagnose oral health problems, such as gingivitis and cavities. They then devise treatment plans and perform procedures to correct oral health problems such as filing cavities and performing root canal treatments. The basic salary for dentists is $141,220 per year.

  1. Financial Controller

They manage their business’s financial and accounting operations. They ensure businesses comply with finance and tax regulations while maximising profits. They also develop budgets and accounting procedures and ensure all departments follow them. They work closely with executive teams, analysing financial reports and predicting the best steps for their business’s financial futures. The basic salary for a financial controller is $144,528 per year.

  1. Mining Engineer

The national average salary for a Mining engineer is $151,038 per year. They plan and supervise the construction of new mining sites. They assess mining sites and decide how to effectively and safely extract minerals and ores from those sites. They make all decisions about site labour, equipment and processes. After mining, mining engineers return mining sites to their original condition.


  1. Obstetrics and gynaecology physician

They help patients with female-specific health concerns. Obstetrics concerns care before, during and after child birth while gynaecology concerns reproductive system health. They earn high salaries of $ 158,242 per year.

  1. Construction manager

They oversee construction sites. They make sure constructions workers follow occupational health and safety guidelines and work productively to meet project deadlines. They help construction workers handle any unexpected challenges, delegate tasks and update clients regularly on the progress of their projects. The average salary is $ 158,901 per year.

  1. Oncologist

They diagnose and treat patients with cancer. Radiation oncologists who use radiation to shrink their patients’ tumours are among the highest paid oncologists, who remove tumours during surgery, and medical oncologists, who prescribe cancer-fighting medicines such as chemotherapy and hormone therapy. They are paid a salary of $ 170,275 per year.

  1. Dermatologist

They diagnose and treat patients with concerns about their skin, hair nails, such as psoriaisis, eczema and acne. They can also diagnose and treat melanomas and perform cosmetic procedures, such as using lasers and filters. The average salary for a dermatologist is $184,338 per year.

  1. Anaesthesiologist

They give patients anaesthesia before and during surgery to reduce pain and sedate. They assess patients before surgery and monitor their vitals throughout their procedures. They are paid an average salary of $ 189,869 per year.

  1. Psychiatrist

Psychiatrists’ help patients manage and resolve mental health conditions. They diagnose such conditions and suggest strategies that can help patients manage their symptoms. They are paid an average salary of 216,327 per year.

  1. General practitioner

General practitioners help patients prevent and manage illnesses  and injuries. They diagnose health concerns and create treatment plans for patients. They also provide health advise about exercise, nutrition, drugs and alcohol. General practitioners prescribe medications and perform simple health procedures, such as administering vaccinations and performing pap smears.

  1. IT architect

IT architects design information technology solutions for businesses. They can plan a range of technology solutions, including software, databases and security systems that help businesses work more efficiently.

  1. Internal medicine

These are doctors who diagnose and treat patients with complex and chronic multi system health concerns. Their wide knowledge helps them offer holistic care to their patients, which often improves patients outcome. They receive an average salary of $ 251,909 per year.

  1. Judicial and other legal professions

Any job within the legal sector. It ranges from judges to all kinds of lawyers specialising in contracts to paralegals. The average salary is $188,798 per year.

  1. Enterprise Architect Manager

They are responsible for the overseeing and ultimate direction, performance and technical aspects of the organisations IT networks, from upgrading to improving services, to overseeing software and hardware installation. They are given a salary of $168,762 per year.

  1. Quantitative Analyst

A quantitative specialist has the role of applying statistics and mathematics to analyse financial and risk management, which in turn helps the company make good business decisions regarding investments, pricing and overall functioning of the company. Their average salary is $153,539 in a year.

  1. CEO or Managing director

They are the most senior people in a company. They are in charge of managing the operations, organisation, its people and resources. The average CEO is paid $164,896 yearly.

  1. Vice President

This is senior executive position in a company, in charge of managing the short and long term operations, organisation, its people and resources. They are also in charge of educating and managing the employees, as well as assisting with the day to day business plans, budgets and strategies and identifying risks that could affect the company’s efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, its profitability. The average salary for a VP is $151,358 in a year.