AwardSpace Affiliate program commissions, how to sign up, payment method


AwardSpace is one of the best web hosting companies in USA.It offers you a chance of earning up to $110 per sign up through their affiliate program.

The company pays you $0.10 signup bonus. The commission rates are as follows:

FREE – $0.10 per signup

1-2 PAID – $60 per signup

3+ PAID – $110 per signup

The commissions are higher than those paid by most web hosting providers.

Payment method

AwardSpace pays affiliates through wire transfer or PayPal. Minimum payment threshold is $100.

How to make money through the affiliate program

Create a niche blog where you review affiliate programs. Start by reviewing the free hosting package. Most of your readers would accept to host for free then upgrade later Any free signup through your link will generate $0.10.

Run a YouTube channel and share the affiliate links.You will make sales through the channel.

Share the affiliate links on social media. You should run social media pages, grow them until they start converting the links into sales.

The amount of money you’ll make depends on the number of signups you make per month. If you make 10 signups, you will earn $1100.If the number of signups are 100, you’ll make $10,000


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