Web Hosting affiliate programs to earn $1000 and above monthly


“I own a blog and I am starting my YouTube channel. I want to earn money through AdSense and affiliate marketing. My niche is web hosting and making money online. All I want is to know the best web hosting provider with affiliate program that will generate over $1000 per month. I don’t want to promote a site that I will struggle to make sales, I want a reputable hosting provider.

My target is to make up to $20,000 per month through affiliate marketing. Please advise”


There are many betting sites with high paying affiliate programs but based on reviews from affiliate marketers, below are the best programs to earn over $1000 monthly.


They pay up to $100 per sale. Each qualified sale pays up to 70% of the cost of the product. Majority of bloggers in the web hosting niche are promoting Bluehost products and over 100 of them make above $20,000 monthly. Payment is via PayPal


The company pays $50 to $100 per sale depending on the number of products you sell.If you make 6 sales and above monthly, you will make $100 per sale.To make $1000 you only require 10 sales, which is easy to achieve.

GreenGeeks reveals that a number of their affiliates are making over $3000 monthly.

Payment of affiliate income is through PayPal.

A2 Hosting

A reputable web hosting provider with over 2 million customers. You will never regret promoting the company’s products.

A2 Hosting pays $55 to $125 per sale. With a dedicated site and YouTube channel for affiliate products, you will certainly make over $1000 monthly from A2 Hosting.

You will be paid via PayPal once your income reaches $100.


More than 1000 bloggers promote SiteGround products, implying that it’s among the best company for affiliate marketing. Each sale generates $50 to $100.There is also custom price for those making over 20 sales.The custom price is between $120 and $150 per sale.

Just like other affiliate programs, SiteGround pays via PayPal


Atspace pays you $0.10 for free hosting. You will make up to $110 per signup. Their minimum threshold is $100 and the payment is via PayPal.

You will not struggle to market their products because there is a free package which entices customers.


One thing I love about Kinsta is that it offers recurring income. Once you refer a customer to Kinsta, you will be earning 5% of the money they pay monthly until that customer leaves the company.

Kinsta commissions range between $50 and $500.The minimum payment threshold is $400 and payment is via PayPal.

Kinsta is a Managed WordPress Hosting provider for high and medium traffic websites.

Pick any of the companies listed above and start marketing their products. With time you will start earning decent income. Affiliate marketing pays better than AdSense.


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