Worst niches for bloggers 2024—avoid these niches at all costs


If you are planning to launch a blog in 2024, there are specific niches to avoid, they are not profitable.

Informational content niche

Informational content has been affected by Google Overview. Everything is listed on the overview, hence no need to visit individual websites with such information.

Travel blog

Travel blog will not get traffic. Nowadays people prefer YouTube videos over blog posts. You will post those long articles and read alone.

Recipe blog

Recipe blogs are outdated. Instead of starting a recipe blog, start your own YouTube channel where you post videos about recipe.

You will never make money from a recipe blog

Blog about gadget reviews

Google overview will perfectly review and compare gadgets. Google will also prioritize videos over blog content.

If you search for information about a particular product on Google, you will be shocked that Google has prioritized adverts and forums to blogs. It will be difficult for you to get traffic to your site.

The best thing to do is, start selling the products on your blog. That way Google will rank you better.

Academic courses niche

If your blog lists academic courses, you better stop posting and focus on something else. The blog will never get traffic in future because of Google Overview.

Web Hosting Niche

Many people will be surprised that this niche is among the worst. Yes, is not a good niche. Web hosting companies are posting content on their sites. You won’t compete with them because Google will rank them better than you.

Job listing site

Job listing site will not be profitable because of Google overview and Linkedln.In future, most jobs will be posted on LinkedIn, authority sites and Google Overview. Small sites won’t have any share of traffic from search engine.



Never start a blog with content that will be competing with YouTube and Google overview. You will not win. Start a blog that is more engaging and has unique content.


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