I get 1 million traffic per month on my YouTube channel but income from AdSense is below $2000.How Can I increase the income


“I am not impressed by what I am earning from my YouTube channel. My income is constantly over 1million every month but I have never earned above $2000.In January my channel got 1.2 million views but I earned $1,888 and on February I got 1 million views which earned $1,630. In March I expected to earn more with 1.6 million views but the income was $1,995.

I am concerned about this low income, I should at least earn over $3000 considering how hard I work and the quality of my content. I spend over $1000 to pay my staff and only remain with less than $1000.I am frustrated.

What strategy can I employ to improve my income”


Change your niche

Some niches will pay pretty well and others poorly. Your content should focus on high paying niches like mortgages, education, making money online, pet, insurance, web hosting, banking, loans and software. These niches will pay in excess of $5000 per 1 million views.

Quality of your content

Your videos may get 1 million views but your adverts may not be viewed. Make sure your videos are engaging enough to enable visitors view the entire video. If each video is watched from the start to the end, you will earn more money

Geographical location of your views

This is the most important. Maybe your videos are targeting views from low tier countries like Africa and Asia. To earn more, you should target tier 1 countries like UK, USA, Germany, Canada and Australia.

If more than 50% of traffic originates from tier 1 countries, you will make over $5000 every month with 1 million views.

Diversify your source of income

Instead of relying only on AdSense, diversify your sources of income. Signup to affiliate programs and start promoting them. You can also make your channel more attractive to sponsored content by creating high quality content targeting viral niches.

Another way to earn is by creating your own product like courses. You can also sell products like smartphones.

Give your channel time

If your channel is relatively new, it might generate low income because ads are not fully optimized. The income may also be low because this particular season many advertisers are not promoting their products on Google. Give your channel a couple of months to see whether the income will improve.


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