Highest paying Degree Courses in South Africa which can pay more than R20,000 per month


There are many degree courses in South Africa but few can pay more than R20,000 per month.As jobs get scarce,employers continue to reduce salaries. Below we have categorically listed the highest paying courses in South Africa,which you can pursue in the universities and make over R20,000 monthly.

Actuarial Science

With a Degree in Actuarial Science and professional certification in Actuarial Science, you will earn above R20,000 per month. Actuarial Science will land you in big audit firms, financial institutions, Actuarial firms, insurance companies, risk firms, pension companies, research institutions and banks.

The monthly salary for Actuaries in South Africa is between R30,000 to R100,000

Bachelor of Medicine & surgery

The program is pursued for 5-6 years. Upon completion, doctors secure employment in hospitals and health related institutions. Medical doctors can make up to R100,000 per month. Lowest paid doctors in South Africa take home R10,000.


Piloting is one of the most expensive courses in South Africa and among the most rewarding. It takes 2-6 years to complete the course. The fee can be as high as R500,000. Salaries of pilots start from R20,000 per month.

Pilots are paid depending on the numbers of hours they fly. Experience also determine the pay.

Bachelor of Law

Law is another profession which can easily make you a millionaire. There are lawyers who make over R1 million per month, others making below R10,000. It all depends on one’s experience and

Law degree takes 3-5 years to complete. Upon completion, you have to practice for some time before high income start trickling in.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

The course is ideal for students who are good in mathematics and engineering. It takes up to 5 years to complete. Salaries for these engineers range between R10,000 and R50,000 per month. The jobs are scarce but once you secure one, the salary will be handsome.

Bachelor of Software engineering

This is a course you can pursue in college and be sure of earning more than R20,000 monthly. There are plenty of jobs remotely for software developers. Even here in South Africa, you can get high paying jobs especially in IT sector.

An experienced software engineer will make more than R50,000 in South Africa.

Bachelor of Pharmacy

With a Bachelor of Pharmacy, earning over R20,000 won’t be a big deal. Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and health institutions will pay more than R30,000 monthly. Only fresh graduates can be paid be below R20,000 per month.

Bachelor of Architecture

Architecture is a good course especially for students who like drawing items. The skills are highly applicable in the real estate industry. Being employed, expect to earn over R30,000 monthly. But it’s highly recommended that you employ yourself in order to fully utilize your potential.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Bachelor of civil Engineering graduates have plenty of opportunities in South Africa. This is a tough but rewarding course. The minimum salary you will earn monthly is R20,000. Civil engineers design and construct structures—they do more than architects.

Bachelor of Commerce

If you pursue Bachelor of Commerce without any professional course, it will become extremely difficult to secure employment. But if you do CFA or ACCA alongside BCom, you will become more marketable. BCom is one of those courses which are not marketable if not accompanied with a professional course.

Bachelor of Marketing

Bachelor of marketing is an underrated course but very marketable. There is no skill that pays better than marketing. As a marketer, if you position yourself well, you will easily make over R20,000.

With a bachelor of marketing, you will never lack employment.

Bachelor of IT

Bachelor of IT is as marketable as Bachelor of Software Engineerng.Earning over R20,000 is a guarantee.

Bachelor of Computer Science

It’s the most marketable undergraduate course in the world at the moment and it pays over R20,000. If you get a remote job, you will make at least R40,000 monthly.

Bachelor of Nursing

You will never go wrong by pursuing Bachelor of Nursing. Nurses are on demand in Europe and USA.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Another university course which is highly applicable in the automobile industry and other industries which need mechanical engineers. It pays over R20,000 monthly especially for professionals with over 3 years of working experience.


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