SetraHost affiliate program, commission structure, payment


One of the ways content creators earn money is through affiliate marketing. SetraHost offers you a chance of making in excess of $70 per sale. The company provides web hosting services to companies and bloggers. Your work as a content creator is to review their products which will connect customers and the company products, in the process make money.

The amount of money to make depends on the number of sales you make. Below is the commission structure for the affiliate program:

1-5/Month: Earn $50 per signup.

6-10/Month: Earn $60 per signup.

11-20/Month: Earn $70 per signup.

20+: Custom commissions

When you sell more than 20 products, the company will pay you at least $100 per sale. Contact SetraHost to determine the pricing for each sale.


You get paid 40 days after the purchase is made. Minimum payment threshold is $50.Payment is made through PayPal or credit card.

How to make money through SetraHost affiliate program

The company will provide you with a link and banner to promote the company’s products. Create a niche blog which you’ll use in marketing the products. Place a banner inside the posts and at the header. Create content reviewing the products and insert a link for the company in each post.

Your posts should be of high quality so as to rank well on search engines. Share the post on social media and discussion forums. Ensure that the links are visible and banners are placed where visitors can easily click. But you should not place many banners in your content, give your visitors space to read whatever they came to read.

YouTube is another platform to promote SetraHost products. Review the products and share the links to earn money.

How much money to earn from the program

The amount of money to earn depends on your efforts and the quality of services of the company.

Based on the commission structure below, here is the money to make from the sales:

1-5/Month: Earn $50 per signup—up to $250

6-10/Month: Earn $60 per signup—up to $600

11-20/Month: Earn $70 per signup—up to $1400

20+: Custom commissions—at least $2000

Shared Hosting is the best type of hosting to market because the products in this category are cheap and attractive to most customers. New blogs and company websites will opt for cheap hosting because their sites don’t need a lot of resources. This means that when you focus on the Shared Hosting plans in creating content, you will easily make over $2000 per month.

WordPress Hosting is also another type of hosting to market aggressively. More than 90% of the websites are created on WordPress, implying that they will automatically buy WordPress Hosting package.

If you manage to get more 1,000 page views particularly for SetraHost, you will make over 20 sales monthly.