Krystal Hosting affiliate marketing review, commissions and payment


Krystal Hosting is among the best web hosting providers. It offers content creators and marketers a chance to make money through their affiliate program. The commission rate is £25 to £50 per sale.

Commission Structure

Sales per month Commission
1-5 sales £25 per sale
6-10 sales £35 per sale
11-20 sales £50 per sale
21+ sales Custom rate, contact the company for details.

If you make sales of 21 and above, they will pay you £75 to £100 per sale

Majority of the affiliates make sales of 1-5 per month. Assuming that you make 5 sales and each of them costs £25, the total sales that month will be £125

Below is the maximum amount of money to make in commissions from your sales:

1-5 sales—£125

6-10 sales—£350

11-20 sales—£1000

21+ sales—over £3000

Your main aim should be to make over 21 sales per month.

Krystal affiliate program has 90-day cookies. This means that if a visitor clicks on your link today, the link will be monitored for 90 days. Within that day if a purchase is made, your account will take credit. After 60 days, you will receive payment in case the customer does not cancel the payment.


The payment will be made to your bank account. During registration, the company will request for your bank details, which they will use to make the payment.

Products to be promoted

Crystal Hosting offers different types of products. There are different types of web hosting and domain registration services.

The best way to promote these services is to review their products and share your affiliate links. Create a niche blog for reviewing the products, you can also review on YouTube TikTok and other platforms where they allow the link to be shared. You can also place a banner on your blog.

Your target audience should be UK customers because the company is based in the UK.