Future of YouTube in Kenya for Content Creators


YouTube has become extremely popular in Kenya, it’s now more popular than blogging. Every content creator aspires to become a millionaire through YouTube, as a result, thousands of videos are created daily.

Content creators are joining YouTube in droves, everyday more than 100 channels are created in the country. The craze is similar to what we witnessed with blogging about 10 years ago. But today I will be very honest with you, I want to prepare you psychologically—the future will be tough.

If you are making money from YouTube, a lot of it, invest wisely. YouTube will come up with an algorithm that will lock out low quality videos, it will also stop suggesting relatively new channels. In future, the platform will be crowded, which will make it hard for an individual to get millions of views. YouTube will focus on quality than quantity. It will favour established companies and top YouTubers.It will be extremely hard for them to suggest small YouTubers.

Since the number of YouTubers will be tens of thousands, RPM will significantly drop. For 1,000 views, you will make less than Ksh50.You will get 1 million views and earn just Ksh 30,000 or a maximum of Ksh 50,000.

YouTube will also delete dormant channels and those with poorly produced videos. This implies that you MUST produce high quality videos for you to survive.

As time goes by, YouTube will be stricter. Even approving channels for AdSense will be more difficult. We also predict that the income will be reducing over time. Now is the best time to make money from YouTube.

There will also be competition from Facebook and TikTok.Majority of people will prefer Facebook to YouTube because in Facebook it’s easy to get followers and to make money.Facebook is not as strict as YouTube.