Youstable Affiliate program,commissions and payment


Youstable is one of the best affiliate programs in UAE.The company pays affiliates up to AED88 per sale. Payment for the commissions is through PayPal.

Affiliate commission structure

Level Monthly Sales Commission Per Sale
Level 1 Upto 5 Sales AED 44
Level 2 6 to 10 Sales AED 66
Level 3 10+ Sales AED 88

Amount of money you can make from the program.

The amount of money you can make from the program depends on your efforts. Create a niche blog and aggressively market the products for you to make a sale.If you make 10 sales per month,you will earn AED 880.

Your target should be make over 10 sales. For instance, if your monthly sales are 100,you will earn a whopping AED8800 per month.

Anybody is allowed to sign up. Immediately you get approved, affiliate links and banners will be provided.

Payment is made monthly via PayPal or Wire Transfer.