Amount of money you can make from AdSense in Uganda


In Uganda if you monetize with AdSense, your income will be depending on the traffic to your blog. AdSense is the best platform to make money from…of course there are other ways of making money,such as sponsored content,direct ads,affiliate marketing and selling of products.

Uganda is a third tier region which cannot be compared to the first tier countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The income from AdSense in third tier countries is low.

Based on income from other bloggers, here is the amount of money to make from AdSense in Uganda:

1,000 views—UGX 1000 to UGX2000

10,000 views—UGX 5,000 to UGX10,000

50,000 views—UGX 15,000 to UGX 50,000

100,000 views—UGX 100,000 to UGX 300,000

500,000 views—UGX 1 million to UGX 2 million

1 million views—UGX 3 million to UGX 4 million

The income is also dependent on your niche. Here are the highest paying niches in Uganda

  1. Loans
  2. Education
  3. News
  4. Entertainment
  5. Business
  6. Insurance
  7. Personal Finance

If you specialize on loans, your blog will make decent income. For every 1 million views, you will make at last UGX 4 million.

While creating the content, focus on articles that will attract traffic from tier 1 countries like USA, Canada, Australia and UK.If more than 50% of the traffic is from those countries, you will make more than UGX 5 million from 1 million page views.

Below is the income of other bloggers in Uganda

News blog owner

“ I own a news blog which gets 600,000 to 1.2 million views per month. My main source of income is AdSense though I also monetize from sponsored content. My AdSense income is UGX 1 million to UGX 2.5 million per month. I also make at least UGX 500,000 from sponsored articles every month.

AdSense income goes high from the month of June to December. My lowest income is usually between February and May each year”

Business website owner income

“Mine deals with business, finance, banking products and loans. My traffic is not much, the best I can get in a month is 500,000 views. Normally, it ranges between 100,000 views to 500,000 views. My AdSense income is between UGX 2 million and UGX 4 million.

I get about 5 sponsored post every month and each of them pays me $100.

One advantage of this blog is that it gets sizable traffic from USA.At least 30% is from Europe. I think that’s why my income is high”

 New blogger

We also got the comment of a new blogger. She started the blog 1 year ago.

“This blog is 1-year-old. Initially, I was posting on YouTube but I decided to start a blog so as to increase my income. My blog is about lifestyle, entertainment and gossip. I get 300,000 to 700,000 blog views per month. My income is always above UGX 1 million. But most of my views are from Facebook where I run a page with 200k followers.

I plan to grow it to over 10 million views per month in 3 years’ time”

Education blog income

“I own one of the popular blogs in Uganda, I prefer to remain anonymous. My monthly traffic is 1 million to 3 million. I advertise jobs and post content on education. I monetize through AdSense, posting jobs and sponsored content. My monthly income from AdSense range between UGX 2 million and UGX 5 million.

I make UGX 500,000 to UGX 1 million per month through job posting. Sponsored posts pay me $200 to $500 monthly.

To earn decent money from blogging in Uganda, you have to grow your blog to become the authority in your industry. Authority site will have its content on the first page of search engines.

Monthly income of some of the top blogs in Uganda

Daily Monitor—UGX 15 million to UGX 20 million

Uganda Business News—UGX 1 million to UGX 3 million

The Independent Uganda—UGX 20 million to UGX 30 million

Pulse Uganda—UGX 5 million to UGX 10 million

Sqoop—UGX 1 million to UGX 3 million

BigEye—UGX 3 million to UGX 5 million

Observer—UGX 4 million to UGX 10 million

Nilepost Uganda—UGX 800,000 to UGX 2 million



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