20 Careers that will disappear in future


Here is a list of 20 careers that will disappear in future

  1. Locomotive Firers

They are the people who monitor train signals and tracks to ensure that the train is traveling safely. Improved technology has reduced the need for a person to perform this task.

  1. Respiratory Therapy technicians

These people monitor and use ventilators and other oxygen devices to ensure that patients in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) are treated. Some of these technicians will move to other roles such as respiratory therapists, thus reducing the number of respiratory therapy technicians.

  1. Parking enforcement Workers

Parking tickets are no longer given by human beings. Instead a machine is used for the task. No more human beings required.

  1. Word processors and typists

The task is still needed but the numbers of people who are specializing in this work are reducing. This is because other people with other professions can do the job. This title is fading.

  1. Watch Repairers

The watch repairers are used to the traditional watch and do not have the skills to repair a watch that has many apps and is used for more than one task.

  1. Motor vehicle electronic equipment installers and repairers

They are the people who fix and install the GPS navigation systems, sound systems and video screens that allow you to see what is behind your SUV when you back up. These features were once expensive but now that people are familiar with them, the experts have less work.

  1. Telephone operators

Now that artificial intelligence is used when asking for help finding a location, phone number or even direction, the people who were employed to do that are not needed anymore.

  1. Cutter and trimmers

The need for this type of workers is reducing since machines can do the same work without monitoring.

  1. Postmasters and mail superintendents

In the modern era, people are not interested in mails and letters. They can send which ever information they wish to share through social media and phone calls.

  1. Switch board Operators

Switch board Operators are losing their jobs to technology. The only difference is that these people work in large companies which need someone to route calls to other employees who specialize in forwarding calls to intended places or people.

  1. Postal service Mail sorters

With emails and the new technological advancements, one wouldn’t need to rely so much on mails. Technology has made everything easier and faster.

  1. Data entry keyers

These people are responsible for compiling data and checking its accuracy before entering it into computers. Now that data can be compiled automatically, the need for such specialists is declining at a very high rate.

  1. Aircraft structure, surfaces, rigging and system assemblers

During the Covid 19 season these people were affected. Their career would have come to an end if it took longer to recover from the pandemic. They are easily affected in case such a crisis occurs again. They are the people who build airplanes.

  1. Photographic process workers

These are the people who create printed photos. Nowadays everybody takes pictures and stores them in their phones or other gadgets for memories. No one is interested in taking printed photos these days.

  1. Legal secretaries

Today, there is software that can help with any type of paper work. Legal Secretaries used to work for lawyers and help them with their paper work. With the new technology, everything is automatic.

  1. Prepress technicians and workers

These are the people who ensure that photos in the newspapers or magazines are in alignment with the stories and articles and that they follow the correct sequence. Ever since technology took charge, the demand for such jobs in reducing.

  1. Postal service clerks

They are the people in post offices who sell stamps, help send a registered mail, and weigh the packages one is shipping. This service is no longer that necessary since one can send a message from miles away, and within a second, the other person has read it.

  1. Postal service mail carriers

They are the people who put letters and mails in the mail boxes. The service is reducing and in the years to come, such services will not be relevant.

  1. Executive secretaries and administrative assistants

Almost every task that needs a computer has led to people losing jobs in that sector. Most of the organisations use software to fill some of the duties performed by Executive secretaries. Other small tasks that a computer can’t do are allocated to other employees.

  1. Textile knitting and weaving machine operators

Threads are turned into fabrics using machines. Most machines do not need to be controlled due to technology. Every task has been made easier. Fewer operators are required to do this job.

Another job is “academic writers”.It will be replaced with ChatGPT